Great Ways To Help You Study

Studying is something that everybody in their life has to do at some point. Regardless of how much you dislike it. You can be studying for better grades, that upcoming test, or how to play better at games in your favorite online casino.

Regardless of what you're studying for, for a lot of people studying is a chore. It's hard to do and few are actually good at it. There are a lot of reasons for this most of them stemming from studying being incredibly boring.

There aren't many people who like the idea of sitting and having to read a (usually) very dull textbook on some subject they're probably not that actually interested in for some set of hours until you either inevitably give up or decide you've studied “enough” somehow.

Studying something you're actually interested in or even some random thing you've found online is incredibly easy honestly. A lot of people can spend hours learning about something random but as soon as you need to learn the history of some specific thing for the test you have in two days your brain shuts down.

It's super easy to get distracted by anything that gives you the slightest bit of entertainment, especially in our time of so many things designed to give us as much dopamine as possible. Even writing this very article is difficult with the obscene plethora of distractions available to me at any moment.

You would probably be concerned with how frequently I have already gotten distracted while trying to write this. But that's just a way of life, I'll always get it done in the end and a lot of that has to do with the advice I'm going to give you here.

Procrastinate Smartly
I procrastinate a lot. So do a lot of people. You probably do too or you wouldn't be reading this. The trick is not to try and stop procrastinating, that's going to take a lot of work, but to procrastinate in a productive way.

You'll see what I mean in a moment.

Procrastinating is when you avoid doing work but simply doing something else. It could really be anything. One of the most common is to hop onto some sort of social media on your phone and start browsing.

Social media is designed to take your entire attention for the longest possible time and it does that very very very well. It's almost like almost all humans are inherently lazy and want the most enjoyment from the littlest effort possible. Social media is great at doing that. All you have to do is scroll.

This makes getting any work done pretty much anytime a massive struggle. How do you convince yourself to do something you need to do when enjoyment is just a few clicks away. Our brain wants its dopamine and it doesn't want to have to do any work for it.

This is the worst type of procrastinating. You're not getting anything done you're just rewarding yourself for doing the procrastination. It's a very hard habit to break yourself out of, especially if it's become second nature to pick up your phone when you're bored while doing something.

That's why one of the best solutions you can do is try and change what you do while you procrastinate. Stopping procrastination entirely is very hard but maybe you can make it at least a little more productive.

Procrastinate what you're doing by doing another task that needs to get done. It seems simple when you say it like that but it actually works wonders when you put it into practice.

Can't stand to continue what you're doing right now? Well, start working on something else. All you have to do is keep switching and you'll at least get something done by the end of this. Of course, this constant switching doesn't work for everybody.

Some people can't switch between things like that and will just end up getting nothing done. The only way to really find out which type of person you are is to try your best and test it out.

So to sum that up just take your tasks and split them up, then when you really just can't focus on what you're studying right now, try and learn something else, or do some work or maybe just tidy up your house a little.

The worlds your oysters in what you do just try and make sure it's productive.

Keep it interesting, books are dull
I'm not saying all books are dull, of course not. There are so many great books out there that you can lose hours away from reading.

Of course, these probably aren't the books you have to study. Even if they are, sometimes the very fact that you need to read this book makes them worse to read.

But just trying to read and reread and read again the same portion of text until you somehow remember it enough for your test isn't going to help anyone. Certainly not yourself. You need to do more than that to try and remember stuff, especially if you don't want to hate yourself while doing it.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different techniques and tips out there for different methods you can use to try and study and learn something. You have simple ones, like write notes highlighting the important bits (since the act of writing it down helps you remember it), there are also flashcards which are great when you need to bulk memorize specific things like definitions or functions or anything else like that.

There are stranger methods that people practically yell work well and that everyone should use like making facts into a song since we can memorize songs really well. I've never used this one and honestly I've never met anyone else who has but it was in a weird amount of the study guides I've looked at.

A weird one that I have at least noticed works well for a lot of people is reciting what you're supposed to be studying like you're teaching a class. This works especially well if you are studying with someone else or in a group.

Reciting it ingrains it into your memory really well because speaking it outlets your mind to work through it without the more tedious work of writing it down or reading it, you can say all the facts as they come to your mind until you know them all.

If you're working with a group or an individual encourage them to ask you questions while you're “teaching” the material, this means that you don't just recite the same things and you learn the intricacies of it a lot better.

Then when you finish of course they can do the same thing and you ask questions. Everyone learns and it's not repetitive, mundane, or dull. Throw in some jokes and you are practically just hanging out with your friends.

Plus of course, the added bonus that you now are ready for your tests and might also actually remember the work.

Take Notes In Class
Take. Notes. In. Class. It's not about having the notes later to use, which is also incredibly helpful depending on the class, it's about keeping focus.

If you have to take notes on what a person is saying you actually have to listen to what they say. If you force yourself to take notes it will be a lot harder for you to accidentally start daydreaming and miss everything you were supposed to learn.

If you learn the stuff you need to know now you won't have to study as hard the day before the test.

On top of actually paying attention in class, you'll have notes on what the teacher has taught you. Remember that you are probably going to reread these notes at some point and you probably won't remember anywhere nearly as much as you think you will when you write them.

Make your notes clear, Explain stuff if you have to but don't try and bog it down with information. Notes should be simple, clean, and precise.

If you wanted to know everything you could just read the book the teacher gave you in the first place but of course that is a lot more work.

Try and figure out what's important, and of course, if that's hard you can always just try and figure out what the general theme and idea are and focus on that.

Learning about history? Focus on writing down the area what you're learning takes place in, the people it involves, especially any wars that come up and what caused them if you learn it., relevant groups, etc, etc.

It's things like these that will almost always show up on tests. You don't need to learn everything you just need to learn what's important.

That's just how it works.

Be warned though, once word gets out that you keep good notes, everyone is going to want your notes. Or at least copies of them. What you do with this information is up to you.

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