Gifting a Minimalist? Here Are Some Ideas to Consider

As people yearn for meaningful presents amidst the pandemic, being aware of the receiver's personality is important if you want them to enjoy the gift. This can be especially challenging with minimalists, who pare down their belongings to the point of necessity. It may be a lifestyle that is difficult to shop for because the idea behind it is to avoid buying items that you will not need.

However, there may be that nagging voice in your head to never come up empty-handed when someone invites you over. You want to give them something as memorable and personal as birthstone rings for December or the other months. It has to be a present that they can see themselves wearing or often using while expressing your awareness about their personality.

Here is a quick checklist you can consider when picking out the ideal gift for that minimalist individual in your life:

1. Versatile and Durable Accessories
A one-size-fits-all item can find its way into the life of a minimalist. After all, when an item can be used every day while being purposeful in many ways, its versatility would be a real reason to keep it when your friend decides to pare down. This attribute of an item can be considered when buying a fashionable item, or even when you are trying to decide what sort of household item or knick-knack you can gift your friend.

Whatever you decide on, knowing that your gift will be of many uses to your friend in the near or far future will assure you that you made the right choice. For instance, if you decide on an accessory, it would be ideal to have one that matches no matter which outfit they wear.

Durability is another prominent feature to look out for; high-quality items last longer because of the material and the process by which they were made. These objects will be something that your minimalist friend can appreciate because their versatility and durability give them merit when deciding which items should be kept and thrown away.

It also showcases that you have put thought into what you purchased for them and considered their needs and preferences. Accessories made of durable and versatile materials, like silicone, can be a staple in someone's closet. You will be saving them a shopping trip for their future or upcoming looks.

2. Small or Foldable
Minimalist trends focus on maximizing the space available. Therefore, gifting an item that would be easy to put away can leave the receiver less stressed because they will not have to wonder where they might store it.

Better yet, when the object that you buy is large, you should look for a foldable version of the time so that it would be easy to tidy up and it would not get in the way of the space that minimalists value. For example, in case you are looking for bulkier objects — like a bike — to gift, making sure that it is foldable can make it more likely that your friend can keep it in their home.

Similarly, your minimalist friend might want to have some accessories in their closet but is worried about the clutter it would lead to. As mentioned earlier, taking versatility and durability into consideration can lead to an ideal gift for someone who wants to have the least amount of clutter but maintain a level of style. It shows that you value their space as much as they do.

3. Sustainable and Reusable
One of the main reasons people start living a minimalist lifestyle is to reduce waste and only use whatever they need to have a meaningful life. They aim to promote sustainability and reusability in their possessions to reduce their carbon footprint. Aside from the aesthetically pleasing aspect of minimalism, it promotes a lifestyle wherein an individual will only live with what they need — a stark contrast against the excess encouraged by consumerism.

So, gift your friend something that you believe might be produced in a sustainable way or an object that can be reusable. This shows that you respect their beliefs and support them in their cause. At the same time, you would be helping businesses that practice sustainability.

Even though it may be challenging to shop for a friend who is committed to living a minimalist lifestyle, there are still ways for you to make sure that they will like your present. By making sure that your gift is versatile, durable, small or collapsible, sustainable, and reusable, you can show just how much you care for them.

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