Gambino – What’s in a Name?

Ever wondered how different objects and even people can have the same name, yet be completely different? Sometimes, a name can be so strongly associated to a particular person or object, that merely hearing it conjures up a single thought or association. For example, when you hear the word Mercedes, you immediately conjure up thoughts of a German luxury car, but Mercedes is also a highly popular female name. So, when we turn our attention to the name ‘Gambino', it too can conjure up thoughts of the infamous crime family, or maybe the singer Childish Gambino and possibly even the highly popular Facebook app, Gambino Social Casino.

Let's take a deeper look at the use of the name Gambino…

Gambino Crime Family

The Gambino crime family is an infamous mafia family named after the founder, Carlo Gambino. They are one of five families that dominate organized crime in New York City. Started around 1910, the Gambino organization really started to rise to infamy around 1957. The Gambino family's “business interests” include racketeering, loansharking, gambling, extortion, prostitution, money laundering, fraud, fencing, hijacking and more. Despite many changes in leadership over the years, with many of its members either in prison or still currently incarcerated, the Gambino crime family is still in existence today with an estimated 200 members and 2,000+ associates. They must be doing something “right” or wrong, depending on how you look at it, but there aren't many legal, let alone illegal businesses today that are still successful more than a century after their founding.

Childish Gambino

Our next “Gambino” named character is a singer, songwriter, producer, rapper, director, DJ, actor and comedian. With the stage name Childish Gambino, you would expect his first name or at least his last name to be Gambino, but in fact, this multi-talented musician's real name is Donald McKinley Glover Jr. He was born in 1983 in California and was raised in Georgia. His career really kicked off in 2006 when he started writing for the famous sitcom 30 Rock. By now, you are probably wondering where he came up with the name “Childish Gambino”? It originated from the Wu-Tang Clan's name generator. Despite an illustrious career, it was only in May 2018 that Childish Gambino had his first number one and top ten single in the US with his track “This is America”.

As you can tell this far, the name Gambino certainly has some varied associations…

Gambino Social Casino

Gambino is a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with social slots and social casino. If you're wondering what a social casino is; it's a place to play casino online for fun and social entertainment. That's right; all the fun and excitement of casino games but you play for FREE, so you don't have to worry about gambling away your hard-earned cash. Gambino social casino has a massive selection of exciting and immersive slots games that even if you've never played casino games before, you will find highly entertaining and great fun. The best way to enjoy Gambino online casino is via Facebook. You simply need to search for Gambino and join. To really keep you enthralled, you get G-coins, which is the virtual currency of the casino and there are plenty of promotions and competitions that keep the heart-stopping, adrenaline pumping action rolling.

As you can see the Gambino name is famous for a variety of reasons!

Shakespeare once wrote: “What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”!

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