Fun Online Games to Play When You’re Bored

Boredom comes quickly once you've had a bunch of games to play. But you can't let it ruin your day and keep you from enjoying good video titles. If you're looking for online games to play when you're bored, then you've found the right article. In other words, if you've asked yourself: What games should I play when I am bored?

You'll get a bunch of suggestions in this one. Moreover, you'll enjoy these games online as pretty much any game you can get today is available from an online source. Naturally, they'll belong to different genres to give you a more comprehensive range of titles. With that said, let's jump to the list of suggestions:

A Dark Room

A slow-paced game when it comes to the beginning, but the narrative drives the title. It's a clicker game that lets you explore various storylines and gives you an interactive gaming experience. You can play it on desktop or mobile devices.


In Entanglement, you'll get some tiles in different colors, and your job is to find the most extended way to make them disappear. You'll do this to the sound of upbeat music in the background. It's a simple concept that works well.

Think of Snake, the mobile game, but online with multiple players. You'll be a tiny snake and eat ball-shaped food or smaller snakes to get bigger—couple this with other colorful snakes and an excellent soundtrack.

Table Fish Games

If you're a fan of fish, then these games will be right up your alley. When you search for the best online fish table games, you'll get many of them to choose from. They'll have different features and designs to entertain you differently.

The Wiki Game

Wikipedia has been saving academic lives since its inception, so why not check the extent of your knowledge with the Wiki Game? The encyclopedia covers a barrage of topics, and you pick anyone you like, whenever you want.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The world of Harry Potter is in your grasp with the Hogwarts Mystery title. Visit the castle, make potions, cast spells, or roam around for a magical experience. This is the game for any HP fan or anyone into magic.


You're a frog stuck in the modern world, and you must safely get to the other side of the street. Cars and other vehicles will buzz, and you must avoid getting hit.


With a click of your mouse, you give more power to your helicopter as you move from one point to the other while dodging obstacles along the way. It may start interesting, but it can become a nag if you play it longer.

World of Tanks

Mechanical warfare is brought to life via World of Tanks. You'll get tank models you can customize as you go from battle to battle. The objective is simple – blast the enemy before they blast you. This way, you earn points you can spend on tank parts and improve your odds in the next battle.


Your first task in this game is to build a village with a port. You will visit the different areas on the map and build some towns there. Once you do so, you, your crew, and Seabeard will climb aboard a ship and go on many adventures.

Whack Your Boss

So you've got a tough day at work, and your boss isn't making it easy for you? Then Whack Your Boss is the best game to help you make your stress and boredom disappear. Play it on your own time, because you don't want your boss to see you.


Simple games get the most attention because they execute a concept well. Dots is one such game that gives you dots in various colors. Your job is to match a pattern of dots with the same color. You will get small and big chains of dots and a perfect atmosphere to match them.

Books Tower

Books tower takes you back to school to stack books. Your job is to stack as many books as possible before they fall over.


It's a hangman game with a kangaroo, hence the title Hangaroo. You'll get a word to guess, and if you think it right, you'll move on to the next. Guess it's wrong, and no more kangaroo.

Speed Racing

Speed Racing is a classic racing game that pits you against other drivers in various races.

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is very similar to the traditional Solitaire, however, there are different difficulty modes. Your goal is to arrange or sequence the cards in the columns along the tableau in descending order from King to Ace.


Hearts is a classic strategy and trick taking game, and a great cure for boredom. This Hearts website features single and multiplayer modes, as well as a history of the game and rules.

Final Word

This game selection will help you keep boredom at bay. They're fun to play, and you can always switch to the next one when you've had enough of a particular video game.

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