Faster and Efficient Home Cleaning Tips from the Experts 

The weather is nice, the sun is shining, and the garden looks the most inviting. The last thing we want to do in this situation is put our gloves on and go and clean the house. This does become easier the more we do it, but knowing a few tips and tricks to get you started will get you lounging back in your garden before you can say “vacuum”.

Have the right equipment 

No, we aren't talking about a builder here, but that doesn't mean that cleaning doesn't require some decent equipment. Having better equipment will no doubt reduce your cleaning time, so it's worth doing some research before investing in anything. The professionals at believe that being objective in a review is crucial to providing the best information a consumer needs before making any purchase. Making sure that any review that is posted comes from numerous reliable sources and personal experience means they can boast advice that genuinely helps. 

Gather your tools 

Once you've bought all your cleaning equipment, make sure you have a bucket or a caddy to help you bring them around the house with you when cleaning. Being able to have access to everything at once will save you from going up and down stairs all day collecting different bits of equipment. Having everything in one place will not only help with the speed of your clean but will also help the next time you decide to give the house a once over as everything will be in the same place.


Cleaning room by room is not an efficient way of cleaning the house; getting one task at a time completed is a much better way and will save you time in the long run. Vacuuming the front room and then putting it away to dust it and polish the windows only means you'll have to get the vacuum back out to move onto the next room. Get all the vacuuming done at once and then move onto another task. 

Clear the house first 

Before doing anything else, make sure you've gone around the whole house and tidied any clutter that might be lying around, this can be children's toys to your partner's shoes they've left out in the hallway. Having a clear run will reduce the time it takes to clean the house.

In the right order 

Yes, that's right, cleaning has to be done in a certain order and you'll notice the difference if you haven't been doing so up until now. 

Dust before you vacuum. Go round the entire house and make sure any areas that are prone to gathering have been dusted before you start up the vacuum. This way anything that's not collected by your duster or cloth will be scooped up when you zoom around with the vacuum cleaner. 

Sweep before mopping. The aim of mopping a floor is to get it as clean as it can be and this will be impossible if the floor is covered in dried mud to begin with. Before getting the mop out, grab your broom and dustpan, and brush and sweep up any obvious traces of dirt. When you mop you'll have a gleaming floor that's clean enough to eat from. 

Bleaching time 

When you're bleaching your sinks, bathtubs, and your toilets, a good way to do it is by bleaching everything at the same time. The way it works is it needs time to sit and dissolve dirt and stains, so why not start at the bottom of the house and work from room-to-room, gradually making your way to the top of the house. This way when it's all done when you return to the beginning, it will be ready to be scrubbed clean. 

Clean the cleaning equipment 

Nothing is going to end up clean if we are using equipment that is dirty at the beginning, take some time now and then to ensure that your tools are clean and ready to use. Remember things like your vacuum bag and make sure to change your mop head. 

Cleaning the house is a task that nobody enjoys at the best of time, but with equipment getting better each year and cleaning companies recommending the tools they think are best for the job, the time it takes is reducing more and more. Remember to follow these professional tips when you're cleaning and you'll have a gleaming in half the time it took you the last time you cleaned. You'll be out in the garden enjoying the sun before you know it.

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