Exploring the world of online slots

We are all looking for that one hobby that blows the rest out of the water. Some people love to spend hours fishing, photographic the wilds, or hiking.

Others prefer their hobbies to be indoors, like cross-stitch, painting, or online gaming. Online gaming, in particular, has had a surge in popularity in the last couple of years.

The rise of online gaming has also contributed to the increase in number of players who now play online casino games. There are a variety of online casino games that are popular amongst players, however online slots seem to be one of the most popular.

Online slots are a great alternative to heading out to a land-based casino, and in many cases, a lot more fun.

There are so many types of slot machines that you are spoiled for choice when you play online.

The rise in popularity of online slots
People love to spend time shopping, browsing, and sharing online. Entertainment like music, movies, and games are all available on the internet. And even more accessible than just using a desktop or a laptop? Most things are mobile-optimized, which makes it incredibly convenient.

In 2020 the market value of the gambling industry grew to a colossal amount. In Great Britain alone, the estimated market value of the gambling industry between 2019 and 2020 was £14.2billion, an increase of 0.6% from the previous year. Game developers and publishers are predicting for this market to have considerable growth from 2021-2026 too.

New legalizations, convenience, and improved technology have all aided online slots growth.

In Great Britain, the estimated market value of the gambling industry between 2019 and 2020 was £14.2billion.

Why have slots had sustained growth?

There are some critical factors in the growth of online slots, and the next few years will see those factors further improved.

One of the main contributing factors to the growth of online slots is how accessible they are.

You can play any time you like on almost all devices. While land-based casinos have some charms, playing online is faster, and some might argue more relaxing.

Wherever there is an internet connection, online slots can be played.

Game developers work with the latest technology to keep online slots at the forefront of the gaming industry. They have great audio, visual and unique gaming options to keep them fresh and exciting.

Although mobiles could come under convenience, mobiles have multiple factors that contribute to online slot growth.

Mobile applications trim all of the fat off regular access to online gaming. A simple tap on the app of choice with instant or high-speed logins has revolutionized how people play slots.

Thinking about possible bonuses with many gambling outlets, mobile applications often come with bonuses and perks of their own. Making them even more enticing to both veteran players and new accounts.

Mobile gaming has seen a bump in players. According to TechJury, the number of active mobile gamers globally is 2.2 billion.

One of the most exciting features of online slots is how many different themes are available to players.

You can even find your favorite rock bands, TV and movie stars, or celebrities on slots.

Like Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen video slot, Game of Thrones 2 4 3 Ways, and Jimi Hendrix slots.

Each theme will have some unique features but still, feel like the slots that you enjoy.

Some online games require you to be available for a set period of time. Games that you can't pause are usually better left until you have plenty of free time – but not slots!

This flexibility is where slots have the upper hand on so many other casino games.

Slots are super fast to play, and you could spend as little as 5 minutes on a few spins or dedicate a few hours.

You can also decide how much you want to spend, and in some cases, click autoplay.

When it comes to speed, the player has all of the control.

One of the most compelling reasons to play online slots is the potential to scoop the massive jackpots.

Progressive slot rooms have a steadily increasing jackpot, and there have been some massive payouts.

Mega Moolah is one of the most popular games, and that is because, in 2015, it paid out a monumental win of $21 million.

Mega Fortune Slots paid out £6.2 million to a person playing slots for the very first time!

Joker Millions paid out €7.8 million to a Swedish player in November 2018.

So there are some big wins to be had for a relatively little bet. The €7.8 million was paid out on a 50 cent bet.

Progressive large jackpots make slots more attractive to players as they like the opportunity to win large amounts of money.

How to choose the best online slots

Like any game, it can take a while before you find the one you really want to play. Slots have some features that you should look out for when you are choosing.

The paylines are the combinations of symbols that give payouts. Classics slots often did this with 1-3 paylines, but new options include 10 and 25 paylines all the way to 1,024 paylines.

Usually, the paylines run left to right; however, you can get multi-way paylines too.

Wilds are the substitute for all symbols on the reel. They increase the likelihood of a winning combination.

You may see the following wilds:

Stacked wilds

Sticky wilds

Shifting wilds

Expanding wilds

Transferring wilds

Free Spins
One of the most popular bonus features of slots is the free spin chances. Free spins are often triggered by getting three or more Scatter icons. Each game will have a different set of Scatters and free spin opportunities.

Scatter Pays
Scatter Pays or Scatters are the bonus symbols in the game and payout whenever they are on the reels. One or two Scatters usually don't pay highly, but three or more trigger special game events.

The volatility of a slot is how often they payout. You will need to decide if you want to play a slot with high or low volatility.

Bonus Games
Certain symbols or symbol combinations will trigger bonus games. These can vary from instant cash wins to arcade games. Some are much higher quality than others.

Choose online slot themes that are in your interest area. Animals, fairy tales, horror, music, and celebrity theme slots are all available.

Exploring the world of online slots can be a lot of fun. It's a simple to learn the game, and there are options for every player's style – including free slot options.

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