Exciting Activities You May Not Know You Can Do Online

The internet offers you an opportunity to do almost everything. It has become a tool that has enabled people to manage their lives better, and different things you would only access from physical locations are now available, including ACLS online certification that equips you with new skills to save lives. However, beyond the things that are popular like playing games and accessing social sites you love, there are exciting activities you could do online.

Here are few you might want to try.

Learn a new language

Everyone is excited to learn something new and many people still believe the only way to learn is through attending classes in a school. But with the internet you can now learn many things from the comfort of your home. Duolingo gives you an opportunity to learn a language of your choice. On the site, you can find languages like Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, and German. Its also exciting to know that all this is given free of charge, so you only need your computer and an internet connection to get started.

Learn how to detect lies and read body language

Theres no definite way to know when someone is lying, but you could use some skills to get them to say the truth. Blifaloo is a site that teaches you how to read body language to know if a person is telling the truth. You will understand how to observe interactions and reactions when someone is trying to conceal information. Get some ideas about signs to observe when someone is lying to be equipped to deal with people who would want to defraud or deceive you.

Design and print 3D creations

3D printing technology has advanced and you are now able to come up with a creation of anything. Even covers for your laptop or phone can be made and printed easily. Sites like Shapeways and i. Materialize help you to bring your designs to reality. If you have a design, you only need to upload it through the mockup file and it will be printed for you in the manner you want it.

Take MIT courses for free

Have you ever wanted to gain knowledge about any technical subject and you wondered where to begin? MIT has created a public library with courses in physics and you can access this information free of charge. The MIT Department of Physics has supported this program with videos and notes as well as assignments that are placed on their Opencourseware site. Learn all topics from astrophysics to mechanics the same way MIT undergraduates are taught.

On the internet, you can do many things that will improve your life or make yourself better. When bored, you have a perfect way to beat boredom because you can play free games online or catch up with friends. You could also look for sites that allow you to learn different subjects, and more interesting is that your design skills could be put to use by joining sites that allow you to print your ideas.

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