E-Liquids for Beginners

If you are a newcomer into the vaping community or are just curious, you may have heard the word e-liquids flying around and started wondering what they are. If you are one such person, you have come to the right place.

E-liquids, also known as e-juices, are flavored solutions that have a shot of nicotine and are used to fill the electronic cigarette. The main ingredients in e-liquids are nicotine, propylene Glycol, glycerin, and flavorings. V2Ecigs sells them.

E-liquids are normally sold in bottles that carry a weight of 10ml. This is, however, different when it comes to sample packs that sometimes come in bottles of 5ml.

Which is the best E-liquid for me?
One of the most exciting things about e-liquids is that they come in a variety of flavors to cater to its customer’s vast preferences. This is, actually, why several people have disowned traditional cigarette smoking and turned to electronic cigarettes instead.

E-liquids have flavors derived from but not limited to drinks, desserts, and fruits. Examples of e-liquid flavors currently doing well in the market include cola, strawberry, mint, and chocolate.

As a beginner, the only sure way to know the type of flavor you like is to try. Buy e-liquids in smaller quantities if you are trying them for the first time. This will avoid instances where you have to throw out a large bottle of flavor because you did not like it. It will also save you some money because retailers never accept returns on the basis that the flavor is repulsive to you.

Additionally, if you have friends who vape, you could sample their flavors first before buying.

What about the strength?
Choosing the right strength is as important as choosing the right flavor. E-liquids that are of high strengths contain nicotine levels of between 18 and 36mg. Those considered as low strength juices range from 6mg to 11mg.

The reason why choosing the strength is critical for a beginner is, going for e-liquids that have a stronger nicotine shot may make you feel sick and dizzy. This is also how traditional cigarettes work.

Besides, there are e-liquids that have no nicotine in them. This is meant for smokers who have gradually cut their nicotine down to such levels.

Is E-liquid safe?
The safety of E-liquid depends on the user. If handled appropriately and according to the manufacturer’s instructions, there is no reason to doubt the safety of E-liquids. As much as no study has proven that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, the fact that e-cigarettes have the option of lower nicotine levels should count.

Additionally, e-liquids do not produce carbon monoxide, tar, or other additional chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. This is the number one reason why they are preferred by smokers.

Tips on e-liquid usage

  • Every now and then, mix up two or three flavors to spice up your vaping experience.
  • Dark colored juices are known to clog up the atomizer. If you regularly use them, clean your electronic cigarette more often to ensure it serves you for longer.
  • When using e-liquids with stronger flavors, clean the e-cigarette after the e-liquid has been used up. This is to avoid the strong flavors from lingering somewhat in the chamber.
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