DIY: Home Brewing vs. Vape Juice

If you're looking for a new and fulfilling hobby, two of your best choices are home brewing or steeping your own vape juice. Even if you don't drink beer or vape, the process of creating beer and vape juice is a lot of fun, especially if you're the type of person that's always up for a challenge. Before you try out either of these hobbies, it's a good idea to examine some of the differences between vape juice steeping vs. home brewing so that you can pick the option that best matches your interests and lifestyle.

Differences Between Home Brewing and DIY Vape Juice

If you're trying to decide between home brewing your own beer or creating your own vape juice as your next project, it's a good idea to examine some of the differences between each practice. First, and maybe most importantly, the amount of time you'll need to dedicate to each product is considerably different, which may have a big impact on your decision. In some cases, you'll need to wait a minimum of three weeks before you'll be able to sample your home-brewed beer, which is the maximum amount of time it takes to steep vape juice.

The familiarity of the ingredients is another difference between home brewing and vape juice steeping. Even people who don't drink are typically familiar with the ingredients of home-brewed beer, including hops and malt extract. Vape juice is made of ingredients such as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which you're probably not familiar with unless you've vaped before.

Vape Juice Steeping and Home Brewing Similarities

While there are certainly some major differences between brewing your own beer and steeping your own vape juice, there are also several similarities between both hobbies. For instance, it's crucial that you store your home-brewed beer and your vape juice in a dark, cool place while they mature. Exposing your beer or vape juice to heat or light before they're ready can reduce the quality of your final product, if not ruin it completely.

Another similarity between DIY vape juice and home brewing is that they can both end up saving you money in the long term. If you frequently vape or enjoy drinking craft beer on a regular basis, making your own versions of these items can be much more cost-effective than buying them in the store. Also, you'll have the ability to choose your own ingredients, making it easier for you to produce a high-quality beer or vape juice.

Pros vs. Cons

Finally, it's important that you examine the pros and cons of home brewing beer and steeping vape juice before choosing your hobby. If you're seeking an affordable pastime, for example, home brewing probably isn't the right choice for you. Home-brewing equipment is a huge investment, so if you're not sure you'll love making your own beer, you may want to spend your money on something else.

As mentioned, steeping your own vape juice can save you money, but only if you use your juice in a timely manner. Homemade vape juice has a short shelf life, so if you don't use your juice right away, you may end up losing money instead of saving.

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