Different Types Of Fishing And Techniques

Fishing is a fun-filled and beneficial activity for people of all ages. It's something that anyone can get started, regardless of their experience and can learn pretty easily and quickly. If you're only just getting started with fishing, it's important to understand the different types of fishing techniques and tools used to be able to fully benefit from the experience.

People can go fishing in any place that has a large enough body of water that is home to fish. Most experienced fishermen choose locations based on what type of fish they'd like to catch and what equipment they possess. That's why it's important for people to start their fishing educational journey by learning about the equipment and methods of fishing before diving into the waters.

Freshwater fishing

The great thing about this type of fishing is that it is available in so many places. People can practice freshwater fishing at different ponds, rivers, lakes, and streams. It's fairly easy for people, only just starting to learn how to fish to kick things off by fishing in freshwater bodies. There are hundreds of fish species that can be found in freshwater locations that are easily caught with traditional methods and equipment that can be found at any fishing store or online fly shop. All you'd need to do is research the place you'll be fishing in to know some of the species and baits and to measure the depth of the water to gear up with suitable equipment. 

Saltwater fishing

Fishing in the saltwater can be a bit more challenging, but it is just as equally thrilling and fun. Usually to be able to practice this type of fishing you would need to have a saltwater fishing license. The species in salt water are more varied and the potential is higher. Unlike freshwater fishing, you would have to take a boat to go on a saltwater fishing trip and cannot just sit on a deck or shore somewhere to do it. 

Ice fishing

If you live in a northern area of the world where ice simply takes over during the winter months, then this type of fishing can be a fun activity for groups. One of the greatest wonders of the universe is that when bodies of water freeze, only the surface turns to ice, whereas the rest of it stays in liquid form for fish to survive. All you would need to practice this type of fishing is to angle your fishing equipment through a hole in the ice and enjoy a relaxing time waiting for the fish to come your way. 

Different fishing techniques

Once you understand the different types of fishing and choose a preference, you can start working on understanding the difference between the techniques that you can use in such places or on any fishing trip. Most fishing techniques are pretty straight forward and only gets easier with practice. 

Line fishing

This fishing technique is perhaps the most popular method used by beginners. It works by using a specific type of cord made for fishing that you could easily find at any fishing equipment store. You would then use that cord by dropping it in the water in certain ways, that can be practiced and mastered with experience, and just like that, you'll be fishing. You can use this fishing technique in almost all fishing locations. 


Using this fishing technique is more popular among commercial fishermen, however, it can just as easily be used by beginners and people wanting to try a new method of fishing. As one can gather from its name, this technique depends on the usage of specially made nets that are thrown in the water and catches a large number of fish all at once. The thread for the nets is usually pretty thin, so that the fish wouldn't escape. There are so many different types of nets that are used to catch fish in different locations and it all comes down to how many fish you intend to catch and how much experience in fishing you have. You can speak to fishing experts and net vendors to see which type would best fit your fishing needs. 


This one is a very basic and very traditional technique in fishing. It is perhaps one of the oldest methods ever used in fishing. What it entails is using spears or spear-like shape equipment with sharp edges to catch the fish. Some fishermen use harpoons and arrows to master this technique. This technique requires a lot more physical strength and a fit body to accomplish the fishing mission to catch the fish. A fisher would sharpen their spear or arrow and physically stand in the water to track down their chosen fish and work quickly to hunt that fish using the sharp edge of the spear and eliminating the fish instantaneously. 


When fishing for specific kinds of fish species this technique can come in very handy. Trapping works by using woven trap shapes and placing them in between branches or in the sand to catch certain types of fish like a lobster that cannot be caught otherwise. The traps have different shapes and designs, but the main idea is that they lure the fish in, until they are fully settled inside then close so that the fish can no longer escape. Fishermen would then extract those traps and remove the fish from inside. It's a method used more in commercial fishing as well, but some fishing enthusiasts enjoy trying it. 

Fishing can be a fun hobby or a full-on career but what is certain is that it is an enjoyable activity that can be practiced by almost everyone. Learning how to fish is simple enough so long as the person starts to familiarize themselves with different fishing techniques and how to practice them using the help of experienced fishers, as well as understand the different types of fishing they can possibly practice. Having the right kind of gear is essential in the fishing practice. Researching and consulting experienced fishers before attempting to fish can also be quite important to ensure the best fishing experience. 

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