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Each custom essay writing service employs professionals who can cope with various writing tasks quickly and qualitatively. They are always alert and ready to help a student write an excellent paper. It's a well-known fact that it's not an easy thing to write not only a dissertation but an essay as well. Examiners pay much attention not only to the paper structure but to its context as well. It often happens that a person is lucky to start but has serious problems when the time comes to write the end of the assignment.  The writers at custom paper writing service say that the end of the story must be as impressive and captivating as the beginning because its last words are as important as the first ones.

There are different types of a college essay:

  • Descriptive essay
  • Definition essay
  • Contrast or compare essay
  • Cause and result essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Process essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Critical essay
  • Expository essay
  • Persuasive essay

Each essay type has its peculiarities. The examiners inform a student about the requirements but they say nothing about tricks which help to start or finish the work. All essay types should end with a bang. It must also be connected with the beginning and a thesis. Its aim is to show that the writer had to do a thorough research to complete the paper. The end of the summary must show that the author does really understand the topic. The end of the essay helps to revise the whole story.  The conclusion should intrigue the examiners and shouldn't let them be bored to death. Those last few words must make them choose the author but not someone else.

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Custom Essays: How to Write a “Wow” Conclusion

The best way to end the essay is to finish it with an action. It's very important to stop for a while and not to make the conclusion too long and monotonous. The reader should feel inspired by the reading.

DON'T SUMMARIZE! Try not to mention what the most important point in your story are. You'll lose the connection with the reader. Your story must be finished anyway but it must let a person wish to read more.

Custom essay writing service – gives 5 hints on how to write an impressive end to a summary:

1)  Apply action

Just look at the sample: “He greeted him but muted on hearing the answer“.

Even without a context, the reader can understand that there was something important and maybe even terrifying in the answer.  Very often an editor reads the beginning and the end of the story while choosing one. If they are captivating, he/she recommends placing the story on the first page to attract the readers.

2)  Conversation

For example, if it's a narrative essay or an argumentative essay, you can finish your work with a dialog, interrogative sentence, or a citation that sums up what has been already said without repeating it. If you decide to quote someone, don't explain why you have written it. You'll spoil the impression and the examiners may think that you consider them to be narrow-minded.

3)  Description

It usually works when you want to concentrate on some concrete thing, object or a person. Thanks to that, you'll create the mood you need.

4)  Direct address to the reader

This method works in 99% of all cases. You don't sum up but just write something like “That's why I'm sitting here right now and writing my essay to YOU!” In that way, you intrigue them even to reread your story. The only rule is to be convincing. That will show the examiners that you are a serious and responsible candidate.

5)  Go back to the start point

A great number of students like to start their work addressing to someone. If you have done the same, it'll be great to address that someone once more at the end of the story. The same can be said about descriptions of some objects or events.

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