Choosing Your Cannabis Consumption Method: The Complete How-To Guide

Over the past few decades, cannabis use has exploded in popularity amongst a diverse demographic. The archetypal lazy stoner is outdated, as average working professionals have begun using bud in an attempt to relax and unwind. Apart from its calming qualities, many have turned to nature's flower to enliven their creative minds and reconnect with the plant's spiritual roots. Many smokers utilize bud and concentrate products to improve their quality of life and experience the world through a more sensitive lens.

Considering all the benefits offered by hemp, it's no wonder more people are opening their minds to green culture. While the new experience is an exciting prospect for first-time smokers, it's also understandable to feel an inkling of nervous anticipation. To ease feelings of uncertainty, start with a small amount and work your way up. Infused edibles take time to be absorbed by your body, so avoid impulsively talking another dose when you don't immediately notice an effect. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout your high and avoid coffee or alcohol, both of which can induce dizziness and anxiety.

Ultimately, first-time smokers will want to dodge “bad highs” that spirals into paranoia, confusion, and panic. Choosing your consumption method wisely can reduce the chance of experiencing an unpleasant hit, as some variations and strains are more intense than others. You should also enter your smoke session with a positive mindset and surround yourself with people you know in a comfortable setting.

Not sure which method is right for you? Check out this how-to guide to select the perfect consumption method for you.


Dabs are perfect if you're looking for an intense, smooth high without annoying smells and messy ash clean-up. In this method, a small amount of wax concentrate is vaporized on a hot surface resulting in an even, clean-tasting “dab”. Experienced smokers often prefer concentrates as they offer a potent high and silky hit. The pure nature of wax is free of potentially harmful carcinogens found in plant matter.

Ultimately, hitting a dab is a faster, more potent way to consume flower. Those looking to capitalize on dabbing benefits should invest in a high-quality dab rig from MJ Arsenal (


For those longing for a smoke-free method, the boundless world of delicious edibles is worth exploring. This straightforward consumption method involves eating tasty treats and waiting for the fun to begin. As edibles rely on your digestive tract to absorb their psychoactive and relaxing effects, the delayed waiting period can last between 30 minutes to two hours, so be patient and resist popping another potent treat before the effects creep in.


Like dabbing, vaping involves heating the herb to create a steam-like consistency that you can inhale. Depending on the vaporizer, you can use either wax concentrate or dried flower. Many smokers prefer this method for its accessibility and simplicity, as you can use the small, sleek devices on-the-go.


Cannabis tinctures are perfect for small quantities, but you can increase the amount based on how intense you want your high. By plopping a few drops under or onto your tongue, tinctures can be quickly absorbed. Droplets act faster than ingested edibles but slower than dabbing or vaping. This method is ideal for first-timers who want full control over the herb's intensity and the ability to fine-tune their high.

Live the high life

As the green flower explodes in popularity, new innovative methods of consumption are popping up every day. With this guide in your dispensary, you will navigate the world of high-flying products like an expert.

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