Casino Bonuses: Are They Good for Players?

Every player who has at least once visited an online casino was surely astonished by a number of bonuses offered. How do they actually work and are they good for players?

A whole new world of opportunities
Compared to the traditional casinos, bonuses and freebies in the online world are definitely a great advantage. Unlike land-based casinos, where one may have some sort of loyalty card, every online casino, no matter how big or small it is offers various attractive bonuses and free stuff. The whole idea is to get a potential player interested and attracted to a certain casino. Benefits are mutual– casino gets a bigger base of gamblers, and a gambler gains trust in a certain casino. There are many different bonuses which we shall introduce here.

Types of online casino bonuses
One of the first bonuses a player meets is a welcome bonus. It may come in different options such as a bonus for newbies, a sign-up bonus, or a first deposit bonus. Majority of them offer 100% of the money you deposited, but some have restrictions when it comes to the amount of money one can deposit (let's say $200). For example, if one deposits $100, one will receive $200. Sometimes this bonus can be activated only via promo/bonus code, so pay attention.

On the other hand, one may get a bonus only by opening an account, without making any deposits and that's called no deposit bonus. Most commonly comes in a combination with free slots no download. That certainly makes them one of the most attractive bonuses. The only catch is wagering requirements, which can sometimes be hard to fulfill and may take lots of time to meet them. There's another one related to this, which requires a player to deposit before withdrawal. It is essential to read all the instruction on how no deposit bonus work because each casino has its own terms and conditions.

Sometimes a player can be offered a bonus which is not in a form of money, but free spins. Of course, this type of bonus can be related to some of the previously mentioned bonuses. Free spins bonus is a very attractive and popular type of bonus for new players because it motivates them to sign up and try out new slots to see how they work without spending money.

Besides these three most popular, you have a few more types of bonuses. When one gets a bonus that can be used for further depositing and gambling, but cannot be withdrawn, it's called a sticky bonus. Sometimes a player can refer a friend and get some bonus, either as money or as free spins. Each casino tends to keep players by offering various fantastic bonuses for loyal players, VIPs, and high-rollers, and that's called a loyalty bonus. Players who like to gamble on mobile phones exclusively can get some of the bonuses.

A short history of bonus hunting
As the name itself says, this is a method which players can use to take advantage of different bonuses offered by various casinos. That means one will dedicate a certain period of time investigating which are the most attractive offers, which casino has good and achievable wagering requirements and try to use them to gain either money or freebies.

Back then, when online casinos were still “young”, terms and conditions were much simpler. Wagering requirements were pretty small, bonuses were fantastically big and there were no restrictions on allowed games. With all that, one could easily make a gambling living. However, as online casinos were raising in popularity, things and rules have significantly changed. One can still get a decent amount of money as a bonus hunter, but not as much as before.

Be careful with the bonuses
What every player must have in mind is that there's always something behind those flashing and juicy offers. The idea is not to scare you off, but to warn you that one has to be aware of all the terms and conditions each bonus has. This particularly goes for requirements regarding wagering, as sometimes they seem almost unachievable. Besides that, not all the bonuses are cashable. That means not all the money you win by using some of the bonuses can be withdrawn. But that doesn't certainly mean that you cannot use it at all. That money can be used as a deposit for playing new games.

All in all, bonuses are definitely a good thing if one knows what to expect from them. The best thing about them is that they give players a chance to try out some games and gain experience. As for the money, well, freebies work the same pretty much in every field. Expect to get some amount, but not like a fortune. After all, the very idea of gambling is to have a good time, all that comes along is nice, but shouldn't spoil the main magic!

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