Cannabasics: Different Ways To Consume Cannabis

Cannabis can be consumed recreationally or medically. Recreational consumption of Cannabis is the most popular way of using the plant for its potential of making people euphoric or high. New developments in science bring the plant and its qualities into the light as a medicine for many illnesses and diseases. Medical use of Cannabis is now on the rise with a few states leading the way in legalizing its use for medical purposes.

Cannabis Smoke

This is the most popular way of consuming cannabis or marijuana. Buds are ground and wrapped up in cigarette paper and sometimes blended with tobacco that is also known as a joint. This will be smoked like a cigarette and the heat will release the THC from the buds that cause euphoria or high. 

Cannabis Vapor

Vaping or vaporizing is done with a device that brings the cannabis bud up to a heat in which its active compounds turn into vapor but doesn’t burn the bud. This then is said to be the advantage that vaping has over smoking, the tar and smoke is avoided while the recreational effects are experienced.

Cannabis Resin

Similar to vaping, dabbing produces vapor but the THC is concentrated into resin form which is usually burned by a butane lighter. This form of consuming cannabis is said to give a very strong high because of the concentration of THC. A purer and solvent free way of concentrating resin from the cannabis plant can be done using a Rosin press. This process does not make use of solvents. The press exerts controlled heat and steady pressure over time to squeeze out a pure and resinous sap or rosin from parts of the cannabis plant that are concentrated with THC and CBD. The rosin concentrate can be consumed by smoking, vaping, dabbing, or ingestion.

Cannabis Oil

Medical use of Cannabis is on the rise and this is usually through the use of Cannabis oils. The ingredient that makes you high, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is usually low in Cannabis oils. On the other hand, these oils are rich in the ingredient that makes you rest better and feel better physically, this is CBD or cannabinol. The oils of cannabis plants are extracted and later combined with beverages such as shakes, beer, and tea. These oils can also be encapsulated into soft gel capsules that are usually sold and used for medical purposes.

Cannabis Sprays and Tinctures

Cannabis sprays are a solution of liquids infused with THC or CBD which are then sprayed under the tongue for the body to absorb. These may be consumed for medical or recreational purposes. Cannabis tinctures are solutions of cannabis oil and alcohol which creates a potent mixture, droplets of which can be placed under the tongue to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Cannabis Balm

These products have cannabis oils that are thicker than edible oils. They are used to relieve muscles from soreness. These products do not cause a high and so they are used mostly for medical purposes.

Cannabis Cookies

Cannabis can be cooked with butter or oil. This allows THC and CBD to combine with the butter which can then be used to bake cookies, brownies, or other food products. Care must be taken when ingesting these brownies or cannabis cookies since they tend to take effect longer and also have stronger effects on the body.

There are many ways to consume cannabis but the two main reasons for doing so are for recreation and for medicine. Cannabis is a healing plant with many properties. The euphoria or the high is just one of those properties. Respect for the healing properties of the plant has widened the range of ways that the plant can be consumed in order to help people.

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