Can You Vaporize Kratom?

Kratom goes by different names depending on the country. It is a herb that has been popularly used in parts of the world where it comes from and has been slowly gaining popularity in other parts of the world. The leaves are used for medicinal purposes used to treat certain illnesses and health problems as well as for recreational purposes where it is commonly chewed or mixed in a drink. In order to reap the maximum benefits of Kratom, it is essential that it is only consumed under the prescribed amount and with precaution. There are various ways in which it can be consumed but with the popularity of vaporizing using special tools, many are wondering if it can apply to Kratom as well. It helps to get to know more about it to find out. 

Getting to Know Kratom

The official name of Kratom is Mitragyna Speciosa and it is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia especially in the regions of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand. It has been traditionally used since the nineteenth century where the chewed leaves are known to relieve pain and increase a person's energy and appetite while the chewed extracts are used to treat physical wounds. Aside from medicine, it is also used in traditions and rituals to worship ancestors and gods. The leaves taste bitter and it is commonly combined with different sweeteners to be more flavorful and bearable. The only way to reap the benefits of Kratom is by getting the good kind which produces the positive effects which are good feelings while bad ones do not give you anything substantial aside from feeling a little sedated. High quality and legitimate Kratom products are sought after but there are also low-quality ones in the market so make sure that in search of your supply, you only go for a trusted store or dealer. It has also been making its way online so more people can already have access to it. 


Kratom has been explored in uses and has grown since its traditional use. Although a lot of people still use it for treating musculoskeletal pain and increase a person's positive disposition, it is more and more used for its euphoric effects similar to the ones experienced from opioids. The effect can be felt a few minutes after the consumption of Kratom. It is not only in the alleviation of pain that it is sought after but a lot of people also use it for their anxiety, depression, and opioid withdrawal. Since it is herbal and natural, it is a substitute for conventional and pharmaceutical drugs.


Kratom can be consumed in various forms. Traditionally, the leaves were straight-up chewed as it is easy to reach from its tree. There are different strains and colors of Kratom as well. Nowadays, it is commonly sold as Kratom powder and capsules for a more conventional way of intake and consumption. The powder form is best believed to give the most value of your money because of its versatility. It can be taken as it is or used as a tea or mixed with your other drinks. Capsules are made for convenience and they are more expensive than the powder form. Most capsules are sold in 500 mg and it is one of the signs of high-quality Kratom because some do not put the dosage making you unsure of how much you actually get in a pill.

Other Methods

Other than ingesting Kratom, many are wondering about the possibility of vaporizing it since this is now very trendy and done with other herbs. Vaping is done through the use of herbal vaporizers or electronic cigarettes where the material is heated below combustion which allows vapor to happen, instead of smoke. You can either vaporize a dry herb or use a liquid form that is used with e-cigarettes. Vapor is produced at around 200 degrees Celsius and the steam generated at this temperature is to be inhaled. Herbal vaporizers can also do the same with dried Kratom leaves or extract powder, just like how it does with any other herb. Using Kratom as a liquid to e-cigarette can be done by converting the extract to liquid form. The liquid substance can be enhanced by other flavors to improve the taste and longevity of the product. In consuming it's vaporized form, it is better to start with smaller quantities and slowly increase as you ensure that the effects are okay. To avoid malfunctioning, make sure that the herb, whether in dry herb or liquid form, is compatible with your device so everything will run smoother. 

Vaping in Comparison to Other Methods

Ingesting Kratom would bring more effects to the body but vaping would have more effects in the brain because of how quickly it can travel from the lungs instead of getting digested first. It is a different experience than just having it as a tea or taken in capsule form. This is mostly preferred by people who like it more than traditional. This alternative has been useful too for people who would like to quit smoking for good. The strong flavors of Kratom are also subdued during the process of converting it to liquid although it is known to be more expensive and it cannot be done by yourself but only by experts who have the tools to convert it. 


There are places that have imposed restrictions on the use of Kratom because of its association with being addictive. As with anything, consuming it should be in moderation and only to treat definitive health concerns and problems. Watch out for possible side effects when ingesting too much of it including nausea, vomiting, and hallucinations among others. Take extra precautions when taking Kratom and use only the prescribed amount to reap its benefits. 

Vaporizing Kratom has captured the curiosity and interest of people who are into vapes. Since it can be possible to do so, you can already enjoy a less potent version of Kratom which is generally safer than other means. Also, it could be more fitting to your lifestyle and interest since vaping is very trendy lately.

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