Baccarat Winning Strategies – Do they really work?


Bettors playing Baccarat feel that, the chances of winning in Baccarat are much higher than in other forms of card games, because of the low House Edge. However, for stable earnings over a period of time, necessary strategies must be developed to stabilize the winning streak. But are they sure-fire solutions? For a start, read this baccarat article on Forbes by  David G. Schwartz.

Best Known Strategies For Baccarat
One of the best known strategies is called ‘1-3-2-4 Baccarat Strategy’. In this strategy the Bettor increases the bet amount in a certain order. ‘Positive Progression’ is mathematically applied to keep the betting amount increasing. The first Wager placed is 1 unit, and then increased to 3 units, next lowered to 2 units and then again increased to 4 units. When using this strategy, if the Bettor wins, the next bet must be placed in the sequence. However, if it’s a loss, anywhere in between, the Bettor needs to go back to the beginning of the sequence and commence betting from there. If the sequence is completed successfully and the Bettor wins, he must go back at the beginning and start again. In this strategy, the level of the wagers is not related to which bet option is better and how many picture cards are left in the deck. The order in the sequence played is independent. The only criterion on whether to continue is the Budget of the Bettor. If sufficient then this strategy is guaranteed to produce winnings at the end of a marked period. A Second strategy is based on the game’s ‘Odds’. For example, the Bettor must bet on the Banker with each play. For variation, a few bets may be placed on the Player. As stated on WebCasinoStar no bet must be placed on the Tie. The Odds for a Players hand to win are 44.62%, while the chance to lose is 45.85%. The Banker has 51% Odds to win all the time. The chance for a Tie is just 9.53%. The ‘House Edge’ is only 1.2% on Players hands and 1.1% on Bankers hands. It may be noted here that a hand-dealt game of Baccarat cannot be rigged, as once the cards are in the shoe, the order they come out does not change.

Where To Practice Baccarat
The best place to practice Baccarat is obviously online. Several sites exist where Baccarat is taught and training given to newcomers. GClub Casino has an exclusive Baccarat Online training service. This can be accessed by members at any time, 24 hrs of the day, through a simple login system. Links are provided to play via web or mobile, with apps on both iOS and Android. This can be played anywhere with Virtual or Real Money. Some top Land-based Casinos, like Poipet Casino, can be accessed live, to allow Players to enter the game they want to play easily. Smart phones as well as Android TVs and Mac can be used to play Baccarat online, all without any of the extra costs, time wastage and travelling needed for Casinos on the ground. Alternatively, you can visit this website for sports betting experience.

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