Are Wax Vape Pens Actually Safe?

Vaping has been with us for many years now and is an established alternative to smoking tobacco. Whereas the cigarette produced tar and other carcinogens – leading to the banning of tobacco products in many countries and smoking being outlawed in public places – a vape pen does not involve smoke. Instead, it produces a vapour that is inhaled for the same effect.

As you will know, vaping is particularly popular with those who enjoy cannabis, as well as users of CBD products. The latter are used for pain relief, for help with anxiety and depression, and also for pleasure.

As you may have read there is still plenty of controversy surrounding vaping. The safety of vaping has been debated in many scientific and political quarters, and there are varying opinions. In the last couple of years a number of instances of serious lung conditions were very publicly linked to vaping.

On investigation, it was discovered that they were invariably associated with people who had been using illegal black-market vape products, as opposed to the safe examples available through licenced and trusted retailers. What can you do to ensure your vape products are safe?

Choose the Right Supplier
One area of concern with vape products is that some vape oils have ‘cutting agents’ added. These are to increase the intensity and feel of the vapour, to give the user a more pleasurable experience. However, as mentioned above, some illegal products have been discovered that include dangerous pesticides as cutting agents. These can cause health problems, and it is strongly recommended that you research your supplier and source a reliable and reputable retailer who will provide you with a choice of high quality wax pen that you can be certain is safe for use.

The high-quality products may also contain cutting agents, but only those that have been passed as safe for use by the FDA. It is important to understand that the vaping industry is heavily regulated, and that those involved value their reputation as reputable suppliers. Cutting agents that can be used – and that you may see listed as ingredients – include the following:

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – a natural product that boosts the strength of the vapor cloud.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – this is another natural product that is used as a binding agent to produce a more even experience.

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) – another binding agent that is there to ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience.

Vitamin E and Vitamin E Acetate – used in some vape pens, these are two different substances. While essentially safe, Vitamin E Acetate is found in illicit products and sometimes in licensed ones and can be problematic for some people.

We recommend that you always check with a medical professional for allergies to any of the above, even though each is passed as safe to consume by the FDA.

Vaping Safety Summary
A quality vape pen supplied by a reputable supplier or retailer will be a safe, tested, and proven product. The ingredients mentioned above are all safe, but you should check before you use in case of allergies. Find a reputable retailer and stick with them, and you will be sure of safe, enjoyable vaping every time.

However, care needs to be taken as vaping is a fast-growing market with new brands appearing all the time. Always check your vape pen is from a licensed supplier as there will be unscrupulous people trying to make a fast buck by selling you sub-standard products as there are in every market.

Chose wisely, stay safe and enjoy your vaping in the best possible way.

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