Android vs IOS. Gambling Games

There are two major operating systems that make it possible to gamble online without any hustle and bustle just from anywhere it's convenient for the player. In fact, playing from a smartphone is much more convenient than from a desktop as it allows to pick up the proffered game from any location and play either online or downloading the game. The variety of mobile casino games is as wide as that of desktop gaming. By the way, you can find a glorious range of most diverse games at any casino listed in top gambling websites. Choose any knowing well you are guaranteed with premium quality games, while the security of your payments and payouts is ensured here.

However, before you pick up a game, you would like to know what are the differences between gambling on Android devices and gambling on iOS devices, wouldn't you? So, let's first consider the benefits and drawbacks of gambling on iOS devices.

Pros of Gambling on iOS Smartphones

The sheer number of online slot machines available to iPhone and iPad owners are simply staggering! There is always a chance to launch a progressive jackpot slot, ordinary video slots, multi-player slots and even TV tie-in slots on an iOS device. The same refers to the choice of blackjack games. The highest quality casino websites offer single and multi-hand blackjacks to iOS device owners and the more websites one joins the more games will be available for him.

Poker games applicable with iPhone and iPad gadgets are offered in a wide range, too. They range from basic games such as Jacks or Better, for instance, to more complicated modern ones. Depending on the game you choose, there is also a chance to select playing between 1 to 100 hands at a time.

Slots on iOS devices have smooth vibrant animations and they are utmost easy to launch. Most games are available without the need of downloading. Just enter the right stake and spin the button to enjoy a smooth slot gaming experience. Slots online allow betting as much as one needs starting with low bets (up to 0.01 in any currency available) and ending with quite high stakes. In fact, slots are the most scalable gambling form you enjoy on an iOS gadget. Besides, they require no special skills or experience as everything is explained straightforwardly right before the game starts.

Blackjack games have smooth graphics, too, and playing on an iOS smartphone is a mere pleasure!

Video power games have some of the lowest house edges of any other casino game. With this said, it appears clear that playing it on an iOS device is more profitable than any other game.

Cons of Gambling on iOS Device

Older slot games or those designed not so well are somewhat inconvenient to play on an iOS gadget as they have relatively smaller screens than Android smartphones. Anyway, this problem can be solved by simply changing the portrait position of the screen to the landscape position.

When playing a blackjack game, it's crucial to adopt a certain strategy to be profitable. And playing on an iOS device might appear somewhat incomprehensible for a beginner who knows nothing about this game. The same refers to poker games. They require a certain strategy, too.

Pros of Gambling on iOS Devices

Perhaps the first advantage of launching an online casino game is the huger diversity of games available for nearly all models of Android gadgets. In fact, there are so many smartphones working on the Android operating system that nearly all can access an online slot, video poker or blackjack game. To say it briefly, Android makes online gambling more popular among people from around the world than iOS. This is because iPhones and iPads are more expensive than Android mobile phones and not all people can afford to buy them.

The number of games available on Android smartphones is identical to that of iOS ones as all leading casino websites have made it possible to launch any game on both operating systems.

Cons of Gambling on Android Gadgets

Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of gambling on an Android device as compared to gambling on iOS gadgets is the gambling experience. In fact, we have found out that casino games are more stable and responsive on iOS gadgets. Sometimes games on certain (far not all) casino websites are accompanied with timing out, lags, glitches with animations when played on Android smartphones. In the meantime, they are performed very smoothly when launched on iOS devices.


Despite the slight differences between gambling on iOS and Android gadgets, both ensure wonderful experiences and emotions. Today the leading casino websites offer equally beneficial conditions for playing games online from a smartphone whether iOS or Android. Just make sure that if you plan to gamble from an Android smartphone, it's a quality advanced model, otherwise, you won't avoid slowdowns and other inconveniences.

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