Amp up Your Looks with These Crew Cut Styles In 2019

For many years, men were left out when it came to hairstyling. Blogs rarely talked about men's grooming, however, things have changed and nowadays there are many blogs talking about men's hairstyling. There are various crew cut hairstyles that men can rock depending on various aspects.

For instance, men with curly hair appear great on crew cut. This haircut also may appear different on different face shapes. So, what variation of crew cut are you looking for? In this piece we are going to highlight various styles for you to pick two or more and take it to your barber during your next appointment. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Brushed Forward.
The secret to rocking this type of cut is having a long top. So, if you have a long top, just brush the hair towards the front to get a short, textured, but modern look. The look may seem tousled at sometimes, but this will depend on your hair type. To achieve the best results, maintain the hair at the back short, starting at the mid-part downwards.

2. Brushed.
It is not a rule that you should always brush your hair forward. No such a rule. Using a hair gel, you can achieve a unique texture with your hair. It works pretty well if you have a short hair or hair that is thinning. You may choose to shave the sides so that you get the best contrast for the hair at the top.

3. Centre Only.
If you are the type of guys who don’t like a lot of hustle with their haircuts, then centre only crew cut will do. Leave the length of hair you prefer at the centre, and then taper the sides. If you have shaper facial features, you are the best fit for this hairstyle since you can wear it with a well-styled moustache and light beard as well.

4. High Contrast.
Beautifully tapered sides and thick men's hair at the top are the two main things you require to pull of this high-contrasting cut. Style some well-styled stubbles to improve the effect of this haircut. It looks great if you style your locks top subtly tousled for a more natural appearance.

5. Crew Cut and a Fade.
To hammer this style, start by combing your long hair at the top and then hold it to place with some gel, and then create a high fade. This is great look if you are planning to grow your locks out on top and you may need to style your hair differently after a short while. Complement this hairstyle with high collar shirt and heavy sweater and you will have one of the 2019 hipster looks.

6. Crew Style and Highlights.
This hairstyle is also commonly known as California crew cut. Either way, this hairstyle looks great if you have thick top. Accentuate the lengthy parts to enhance the colourful twist of this otherwise-typical crew haircut. You may also rock this haircut even with medium length hair at the top, but then you may want to apply some gel while combing your hair in order to achieve the best results.

7. Crew Haircut with Quiff.
To achieve this haircut, you will need to have a high volume of manes at the crown. However, the sides are trimmed shorter compared to the top. The hair at the back is also maintained shorter. To get the quiff look, you need to sweep thick manes at the top towards the front. It is a great look you can wear for casual occasions as well as for formal events.

8. Fluffy Spikes.
When you rock this hairstyle, people will not find it hard to believe you when you tell them that you woke up like that and you never touched your hair. That is the best thing when it comes to this hairstyle. The haircut looks entirely natural, and shaggy-anyway, you can maintain a clean shave if you want to. This haircut incorporates a long crew cut and the hair is maintained longer at the top compared to the back and the sides. To achieve the spiky feel, just use your fingers to tousle your hair.

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