A Brief Look at Online Casinos in Ireland

Online casinos are now a mainstream aspect of popular culture. Though they’ve been around for three decades now, gambling sites have never been as popular as they are today. Men and women around the world are registering with increasing frequency, and looking to play their favorite games.

However, as many of those who frequent online casinos know, a lot of countries still prohibit gambling online. Sometimes, gamblers may not even be aware of the laws regarding online casinos in their own country. That is why, in this article, we’d like to focus on Irish online casino websites, and examine whether they are safe, legal, and functional.

Legality of Online Casinos
We are happy to report that Irish laws do not ban online gambling. In fact, quite the opposite. Ireland has been attempting to stay relevant in the global gambling market. To that end, they’ve outright legalized any and all forms of online gambling.

A lot of gamblers have praised Ireland for its forward-thinking initiative. Within the boundaries of the law, Ireland allows poker rooms, sportsbooks, bingo platforms, and of course online slots. Irish gamblers can also test their luck at blackjack tables and baccarat tables online.

iGaming has shown itself to be a very productive and profitable industry. So, it is not surprising at all to learn that online casinos are being adopted by more and more countries. Certainly, Ireland remains ahead of the curve here, as they saw the potential earlier than most.

Popular Games to Play in Irish Online Casinos
We know online casinos are legal. But, what we don’t know is what the most popular games to play at these casinos are. In this section, we are going to go over a list of the biggest games in Irish online casinos. Remember, the selection here is just a fraction of what you can find if you visit online gambling websites.

  • Sports betting: while not technically a game in and of itself, sports betting is by far the most popular gambling option in Ireland. Therefore, we would be remised if we did not mention it. The Irish love sports, whether it be football, Gaelic football, or horse racing. The only thing Irishmen love more than sports, is wagering on them.
  • Slots: the favorite game at most online casinos, online slots are simple, easy, fun, and low-risk. They require little strategy, and are easy to understand. The Irish, like most folks around the world, love to spin slots.
  • Bingo: bingo halls are big in Ireland. Understandably, bingo sites have gotten just as big. Many of them are even more popular than online casinos or sportsbooks.

Safety at Online Casinos in Ireland
How can we determine whether an online casino is safe? The best way is to search for a license. Licenses are stamps of approval issued by national gambling authorities. Certain licenses carry much more weight than others. For example, the gambling auditors, eCOGRA are much more well-known than anyone else. Which means they are to be trusted. Other trustworthy licenses come from countries like Malta, Curacao, and the United Kingdom.

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