8 Ideas for Creating Privacy in Your Backyard

Just picture it: it's a sunny day. The birds are chirping, there's this fresh breeze in the air, and it feels fantastic. Who doesn't love lounging outside in the summer? Especially if it's their own garden, right? Well, nothing is worse for an outdoor lounging session than having someone disturb your relaxation, right? Now double that with a lack of privacy.

Whether you live in a suburb, rural area, or even somewhere such as the inner city, you're entitled to some privacy. Even if you're going to be outside in your own garden, you're more than entitled to have that privacy in your home. Fortunately, you can maintain your garden while creating some solid privacy, and here's exactly how you can do that!

Begin by determining what you want

While it's important to figure out what you want, you may also need to figure out what is acceptable too. Some neighborhoods that are in something such as the Home Owners Association will be fined or will flat out not be able to put up anything in their yard, yes even if it is in the garden. Other barriers could include what you're legally allowed to put up based on the materials and local laws.

Whether or not your neighbors will allow this (sometimes you need neighbors' permission before installing fences), whether or not you can get a permit should be considered too. Plus the land itself and if you have enough land or the right structure to create this privacy layer. Just like any other aspect of the home, you're going to need to put a lot into consideration.  Once you got that taken care of, you can now consider some of these ideas for creating that much-needed privacy in your garden.

Go with the classic

You simply cannot go wrong with a classic fence. These are common across neighborhoods all around the world. These wooden fences are practically the signature look of a backyard. When it comes to fencing materials, the wood you can select is basically endless. From oak to cherry wood and far beyond, there are plenty of wood fencing materials that you can use. Even if you don't like the color, you can opt into hiring a service to paint your fences or even go the DIY route with it.

Fences are usually inexpensive, whether you opt into hiring a service or even choose to construct them yourself. Even the routine maintenance and upkeep of a classic wooden fence are both affordable and long-lasting. You can count on the classic wooden fence lasting decades in your backyard. It's one of the greatest ways to create that layer of privacy, so you can go back out and relax in your garden!

Use some hedges

If a wooden fence just isn't your cup of tea then you may want to opt into growing your privacy instead. Hedges have been one of the go-to's for creating privacy for centuries. It's perfect for creating those property lines, they're excellent for the environment. Plus, you can choose a variety of plants from hydrangeas to your favorite hedges.  While this is a great choice, there is a downside.

What is it? They take forever to grow! Not unless you're willing to visit your local gardening store and buy full-size hedges for hundreds a pop, you're going to need to play the waiting game and wait for your hedges (or bushes) to get big enough. The other downside would be the maintenance. This can include needing to water, fertilize, and occasionally deadhead them. If you're willing to be patient and put in the work, the hedge form of privacy could be worth your while. They make backyards (and front yards) appear very scenery.


Another option if you're wanting to go all natural would be through bamboo. Unlike hedges, bamboo doesn't take as long to grow. Bamboo can be a great way to quickly grow a privacy plant and build a tropical retreat. So there are a few factors if you're wanting to opt for bamboo as your privacy wall for your home. You'll need to use it a lot if you're wanting it to entirely cover up the space.

Alternatively, you can combine bamboo with a fence, it can be a nice way to cover up some of the gaps. Just like hedges, there is going to be a downside to bamboo as well. What's wrong with it? Bamboo is invasive!  Once it grows, it's hard to contain as it will just keep growing and spreading.

Consider concrete

There are various ideas that you could utilize for this. Building a New Concrete Wall could look amazing, especially if you choose to create multiple elevations and depths within your garden. This doesn't mean that you need to have concrete walls all over your backyard, but even using one could make a massive difference. Combining this with leveling your garden into different elevations is a match made in Heaven.

Even adding some stock or brick would look fantastic as well. Building this type of privacy from the ground up through various cascading landscapes in your backyard will create this wonderful discreetness. Why not take it a step further by adding multilevel plants from trees, bushes, and maybe even some wildflowers too. Multiple levels trick the eyes into thinking the space is bigger than it actually is.

Get the Perfect Pergola

Pergolas have become very popular over the last couple of years. They give a little extra to your outdoor living space, especially if this is placed on top of your patio or deck. The crossbeams and poles on the pergola give you the option of either installing some outdoor curtains or even getting mother nature to run in through growing vines or trees like wisteria on top and around it.

This is even better if your pergola is going to be in a sunny spot. In general, pergolas are lovely, they're romantic and intimate, and they have the power to create privacy. Even if you're too impatient to add plants, even adding a curtain can be a suitable layer of privacy for your backyard.


Similar to fences, panels tend to be a nice traditional way of bringing privacy to a backyard. They're usually easy to install and can cost slightly less than your traditional fence. Paneling can come in a variety of styles, unlike fences. You may be able to come across some that double as a trellis for vines while others may act as a miniature pergola. Since there are plenty of options for panels, you're bound to find one that suits you and your style.


Similar to paneling, a trellis, also known as an arbor, can act as just one spot where vines could grow or even take it a step further by allowing multiple trellises to act as a fence. This is perfect if you're planning to grow thick climbing plants such as English Ivy.  Ivy is a fast-growing plant that will allow you to use your trellis for privacy in no time. Plus, having a trellis fence will make your garden look incredible as if it came directly out of the Secret Garden book.


Believe it or not, screens are becoming more of a norm for backyards, especially backyards in urban areas. They're fairly affordable, easy to install, have screens and come in a variety of colors or designs. So this could be something perfect for you if you have a small garden where you're wanting to have some privacy.

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