7 Important Facts You Need To Know About Vaping

When it comes to smoking, vaping is a big topic of interest. The questions usually revolve around quitting smoking or transitioning, to even general questions about vaping and e-cigarettes. In this article, we’ve gathered 7 facts to better inform you about vaping.

1. Transition to Quit

Many users of vapes have transitioned to using these as a means of quitting traditional cigarettes. It is seen as a means of slowly weaning off cigarettes while still being able to fulfill the need for oral fixation. A big reason for the ease of quitting is that Buying vape is accessible for everyone where you can get it straight from the local shop or buy it from an Online Vape Shop. Because of this accessibility, vaping is a good option to choose when trying to quit the smoking habit.

2. Healthier Than Cigarettes

The key contributing reason why many smokers look to vapes and E-cigarettes as a way of quitting traditional cigarettes is that it has a stigma or label of being healthier. It is important to note that there are varying dosages of nicotine in different cartridges and understanding that not all vapes are nicotine-free will help if you are trying to quit or cut down smoking.

3. Not That Much Healthier

Although there are options for less nicotine or even nicotine-free cartridges, vapes are not that much healthier than smoking in general as there are often chemicals that are present. It is important to do your research on which vape is appropriate for your reasons.

4. Appealing to but not for Youth

Although not marketed to the youth, some of the marketing practices appear appealing to younger smokers. These are labeled and marketed with colorful, fun, and intriguing names that would easily be appealing to a younger demographic. It is important for users and even parents to have this understanding of this habit before deciding if it is appropriate.

5. Introducing Smokers

Because of the way vaping products are branded and labeled, this makes vaping appear more enticing to people that might not have even considered smoking. It is important to stay educated and aware of all the chemicals and ingredients in your products if you are interested, as those products may act as deterring factors. If you never planned on smoking, knowing of nicotine or chemical presence may not have crossed your mind with vapors. Be aware of both risks and benefits.

6. Still Addictive

As previously stated, there are still health concerns when it comes to vaping. There are some chemicals in some of the products, and in certain varieties, there is the presence of different nicotine levels. Because of that substance, the vape can and is still an addictive habit. If you are using vaping as a means to quit smoking, it appears to not be as effective.

7. Combined Use

A big reason why vaping is not always an effective way of quitting smoking is that instead of using e-cigarettes to slowly cut down and eliminate their habit, many smokers instead end up using both. This works counterproductively as many users instead end up smoking more than they would otherwise.

It is important to gain as much information about habits and products as a consumer. You want to know what you are putting into your body and exposing yourself to it. Use your resources to learn more about vaping, the pros and cons, before making any snap judgments.

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