7 Fun and Active Games For Kids to Play on the Beach

Kids just love beach time! It's what they look forward to all year long, the sacred summer holiday! If you ask anyone, they'd tell you that a handful of their childhood memories with their families involve beach days. It is the best time to forget about your worries and savor the fun times you get to enjoy with loved ones. Especially on school year weekends, you spend half of your time arguing with your kids to put their phones away for some quality family time. Beach time is a much-needed break for all of you. So, if you are planning for the next family beach vacation and want to get things in order for the kids to have the best time while being active for a change.

Below are 7 fun game ideas to keep in mind:

1. A Flying Disc

Think of an old-fashion frisbee but with targets. The beach is the best place for your kids to run freely since the sand will be a great cushion if they fall off and land on their faces. A flying disc is one of the best beach activity ideas, as it can be played alone or in a group. Each player takes a turn to throw the disc at the cans or targets placed almost 50 feet away in the sand. If your kids are still a little young, you can find plush discs instead of plastic ones to avoid any accidents. You can also make it easier by adjusting the cans to be closer.

2. Rackets

No list of beach games would be complete without the classic racket making an appearance. Tons of versions have been introduced over the decades, but the concept is still basically the same. However, since it's for kids, a great alternative to the traditional wooden racket is the lightweight plastic one with a Velcro surface. The idea is to throw the fuzzy ball back and forth, trying to catch it with the Velcro racket. This is an amazing game that you can enjoy playing with your kids; even the dog will want to jump in and take a turn.

3. Horseshoes

You can find many options online for a horseshoe set specifically made for kids. The same rules of the adult version apply though. The set will include a set of horseshoes, usually in two different colors for each player or team, and a couple of stakes on which the horseshoes are to be tossed. To set it up, the two stakes are placed 40 feet apart, and each player gets a set of horseshoes. Players take turns to throw the horseshoe to encircle the stake to obtain the maximum score; otherwise, the score is deducted as the horseshoe lands further away from the stake. It is an interesting game that teaches the kids to target and also develops their hand-eye coordination.

4. Beach Volleyball

It is another classic that you get to enjoy with the kids. This works great when you are a bigger crowd. Divide up into two teams and toss the ball across the net while aiming to make it hard for the opposing team to touch the ball. Kids love the competitiveness it involves and the way they can partake in a grown-up game.

5. Tug of War 

This game will save you when you have forgotten to pack any of your kids' beach games or when you are at a beach with no facilities. All you need is a rope, and you can play a game of tug of war. Two opposing teams will pull at each end of the rope with a divider in the middle to mark territories. The winning team is the one that pulls the other into its own territory across the divider. This will encourage your kids to make some friends at the beach to be able to play this game.

6. Beach Bowling

Find a great bowling set online, specifically made for kids with bright colors and child-friendly materials. The kids will love that they can enjoy their favorite indoor game out on the beach. 

7. Flying a Kite

Contrary to what you might think, flying kites is not an ancient game. Your kids will still want to run on the beach, flying their handmade kites or even engaging in a more interesting game of kite fight.

For you, beach time might be all about relaxation and basking under the sun. Nonetheless, for the kids, it is the best time to play all kinds of games that they are not allowed to play indoors. From tossing balls to flying discs, the beach is the best place where they can be free to do as they please.

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