6 Unbelievably Useful Pole Dancing Tips for Beginners

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear about pole dancing? There is a high chance that it is a hot girl in a bikini dancing away, but, contrary to popular belief, there is more to it than meets the eye. For starters, pole dancing is an excellent way to keep fit. It is also a great source of entertainment, which makes it a rewarding career for many. As a beginner pole dancer, you are vulnerable to facing various challenges that can make your pole dancing journey even harder.

Luckily for you, we listed below 6 unbelievably useful pole dancing tips that will make your road to becoming a pole dancing expert smoother.

Avoid doing too much too soon

While part of the fun in the world of pole dancing involves being adventurous too much of it in your beginner stages can be catastrophic to your progress. To excel at it, avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. For instance, trying to do a shoulder mount after you've just learned simple things like doing inverts without assistance could hinder your progress in the long-term. There is also the risk of hurting yourself by trying to do too much before you master the moves. You must first learn how to walk before doing a full sprint. You might have come across an IG video of someone looking so dope, doing advanced moves but stay in your lane. Let it just be an inspiration to perfect beginner moves before getting into the more adventurous expert level tricks. Another thing to note is that even the beginner ones, all the  tricks in pole dancing are impressive, and the best moves are the ones you pull off with grace, making them look fun and effortless.

Dress in the appropriate attire

For you to kill it on the pole, you need to be dressed appropriately for your comfort and flexibility. This also applies to your training sessions. While it is common for pole dancers to wear bikinis, casual workout clothes that expose your arms and legs should do the job as well. This is because some tricks require exposed skin to grip the pole, well. If you're feeling sexy, then booty shorts, sports bra, tank tops or shorts are also good alternatives.

For your feet, you can be barefoot or have shoes on. If poling barefoot isn't your thing when training, Brianna Bluebell from, Miss Fit Dance Studio asserts that you could also bring your stilettos or sneakers in classes like these, whichever works best for you. However, some moves require a great deal of expertise to perform on high-heels, so it's best to take it one step at a time. Once your muscles have gained the required strength, your flexibility has improved, and you can do some amazing moves in grace and confidence, it becomes nothing but fun, shoes or no shoes.

Avoid skin moisturizers before pole dancing

Before hopping on that pole and dancing your heart away, you might want to avoid lotions away from your skin, especially pole dancing during practice. This is because some moisturizing products can affect your grip on the pole. By avoiding them, you can prevent slips and slides that could seriously hurt you. Since, in most cases, you'll be sharing your pole with other beginners, it can help protect your classmates from injuries as well.

Prepare your body 

Pole dancing is a routine that utilizes many of your muscles and this only means one thing… you need to do some training to strengthen your muscles, especially your core. Regular workouts in the gym or at home will help your body cope with the intense resistance and cardio training you'll encounter in pole dancing. You need to be able to handle your body weight for you to master the various pole dancing techniques. Mental preparation is also key as the early stages of pole dancing can put a great toll on your body. Your muscles could get overly painful and bruises could become your pester friend. However, you need to look past this and treat is as part of the journey to you becoming an awesome pole dancer. 

Choose a good instructor

It goes without saying that for you to be able to nail those complex techniques to perfection, you need an instructor who knows what he is doing. This will help you avoid pitfalls like injuries that could derail your progress. Having a great instructor will also be a source of motivation that will help you in your quest to becoming a great pole dancer while avoiding injuries.

Stop comparing yourself to others

This is one of the things that most beginners do as they are learning how to pole dance. It does not help your progress when you do this as not everyone can be able to learn at the same speed. Some people learn things quickly while others take time to master even basic steps. While it is natural to compare yourself with your fellow beginners, you should try to focus on yourself so that you do not get distracted from your goal a great pole dancer. Seeing other progress as you lag behind can be a great source of demotivation and demoralization.

Pole dancing is not only fun, but it can also be a well-paying career for anyone with the will and zeal. As a beginner pole dancer, it is natural to make plenty of mistakes. However, the above tips are just about what you need to kick-start your journey energetically and master pole dancing in no time.

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