6 Pressure Cooker Recipes Even the Novice Cook Can Handle

The advanced and new technology of pressure cookers that we tend to see nowadays are way more of a help and a mini professional cook to make a variety of dishes easily. Although if we look at the old noise-making pressure cooker, that had given us an idea of popping up and spreading the peas and soup everywhere on the roof; there's just so much that has now changed. And because of the advanced and instant pressure cooker available today, cooking has been easier than ever for even those who aren't very much aware of the trick.

Now this doesn't really mean that advanced pressure cookers can actually make you a master chef just with the technology and not much insight. Because it's not really that big of a magic! But it surely has some sprinkles of magic in it that can make a novice cook slowly but surely turn into a pro of that sort. But for that you'll have to look for some online reviews to buy the best pressure cookers in the market. Having the right pressure cooker, according to your preferences and needs, will help you deliver the best results and will surely be able to cook some tasty dishes, even when you're not a pro. And once you've bought that one perfect pressure cooker, you'll need some tasty and easy to make recipes to add fun and excitement in each and every meal of yours. So to help you out on that, here are some easiest recipes for you to try out;

6 Easy and Tasty Pressure Cooker Recipes:

French Dip Pressure Cooker Sandwich:

If you're more of a fast-food lover and can't really go without having something likewise in any one meal of the day, it's time you serve yourself with something out of the box tasty and delicious in its own way. Okay so it actually is quite easy to make French dip sandwich on your own in a pressure cooker without having to become a master chef. And to add more fun and excitement in your French dip sandwich, you can add extra cheese, onions and sauces in your tasty sandwich.

Pressure Cooker Lemon Chicken:

Are you a fan of some juicy and sour chicken dishes? There are a lot of people around us who tend to try new and exciting dishes every now and then, and especially the ones that give some sour taste feel with every bite. And so, trying out some lemon chicken in your pressure cooker, without having to go through long and hectic methods can be just the right dish to try out on any special occasion.

Pressure Cooker Butter Chicken:

The tasty spicy butter chicken is also one of the easy and less time-taking dishes that you can make in a pressure cooker without having to become a master chef or take much of any classes in it. And to add more to the interest, you can also make butter chicken with some basmati rice, both at the same time in a pressure cooker and have a perfect solo dinner with Netflix to keep the fun going.

Pressure Cooker Creamy Chicken Pasta:

Since pasta is everyone's number one favorite, it's really not as hectic to make yourself some in the least of time. So better than ordering home or going out to meet your pasta cravings, you can make tasty instant pasta in your pressure cooker and top it with loads of mushrooms and cheese, without even having to master the technique much.

Pressure Cooker Chicken Faux Pho:

To your surprise, it isn't anything more than a pressure cooker recipe to make the ultimate dinner soup of Asia; even though it requires a 2 day cooking to make the actual traditional Chicken Faux Pho. Still, if you're someone craving Asian soups that are tastier and unique to make, you don't have to worry about having to wait for that long. Because in a pressure cooker, you can easily make the dish with sauces well soaked inside in just about an hour.

Pressure Cooker Korean Beef:

Believe it or not, but even when it comes to cooking beef and that of Korean taste, without having to become a pro at cooking. For all the cooking beginners who know nothing of cooking beef properly or in the right manner, trust me you don't even need to. Now in the modern day technology  pressure cooker, it is easier to cook some tasty Korean Beef on your own. So why waste such a great opportunity of cooking a tasty dish that easily?

Now that you know what you can make in that spare and useless pressure cooker of yours even with the least cooking skills, go make use of it and become a pro at cooking in the least of time.

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