6 Plant Care Tips to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

Growing plants indoors can be a fun hobby for you and your family, but keeping your indoor plants alive can be tricky. The truth is that indoor plants require some additional attention to ensure that they stay alive. Plants outside tend to be well suited for the climates they live in but when you bring a plant inside things can change.

If you have noticed that your plants are struggling to survive inside your home, here are 6 useful plant care tips to help keep your indoor plants alive and well.

Give your plants light

If you plan on growing plants indoors, you will need to make sure you give them a good amount of light. Natural light can work well, but it is hard to get your plants enough light while they are indoors. That is why you will need to look at getting some grow lights to help keep your plants alive and growing well. There are many different kinds of indoor plant lights and they all work differently, so it is important to do a thorough research on what kind of light your plants need. A good place to start would be to find a good Growlight blog because they would have adequate information about what you would need. Some of the best grow lights are LED lights that have a lot of red colour because this is what the plants like. This type of light is also generally very energy efficient making, it's a popular choice among indoor plant growers.

Water is essential

If you are growing plants indoors, you will need to remember that plants require water to live. The plants outside are able to survive because of rain but when your plants are inside they do not have easy access to water and that is why you will need to give them water. It is important to also remember that your home can be much drier than the air outside so your plants may need more water.

Supplement soil with nutrients

The plants that grow outside have access to nutrients through the soil. The soil outside is constantly evolving and new organic matter is always contributing to the nutrient content of the soil. The natural decomposition process of organic matter helps recycle nutrients in the soil and this process is less effective with indoor plants. If you are growing plants indoors you should add some nutrients to the soil every once and a while to help give your plant a boost.

Plants need wind

If you are growing indoor plants and plan on transplanting them outside you will need to strengthen your plants while they are indoors. A good way to strengthen your indoor plants is by placing them near an open window so that they can experience the wind. Indoor plants tend to be very delicate and one way to make sure your indoor plants stay alive and grow strong is by placing them near a window or fan.

Plant pruning

Healthy indoor plants will be nice and green and they should also be able to flower. If you do not prune your plants and pick off the dead leaves your plant may be in danger. Failure to remove dead buds and leaves can cause harm to your plant because if you leave the decomposing organic matter on your plant the entire plant may die. Take the time to snip off dead leaves and stems and your plant will be able to stay healthy and grow strong.

Insect protection

You may think that pesky insects are only affecting your outdoor plants, but you might be wrong. Small insects can affect the health of your plant and actually kill it. If your indoor plant has been struggling you should look under its leaves and look for small bugs. Generally, small bugs like aphids will hide under the plant’s leaves and eat them. They are small and can often go undetected so make sure you take the time to look for them. If your plant does have an insect problem, then you can put insecticides on your plant to kill them.

There are many benefits to growing plants indoors. Indoor plants can be used to help decorate your home, for food, or recreation. Also, studies have shown that gardening can actually reduce your stress levels. With that being said, it is important to make sure your plants are properly taken care of so that they can survive and grow big and strong. If your plants are struggling to survive, make sure you remember these 6 helpful tips that you can use to keep your indoor plants alive and well. 

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