5 Surfing Items That Every Surfer Should Have

Surfing is a simple and fun beach sport that is enjoyable and safe if you have the right surfing gear. If you are passionate about surfing you must familiarize yourself with all the surfing essentials. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced, there are certain surfing gears you must have with you when catching a wave.

While surfing essentials are important when you just start catching waves, having a coach to guide you is vital. The surf instructions at Ombe will help you surf better and improve your overall surfing experience. They will also help you choose the right surfing gear which will make your water sessions more memorable.

Before you head to the water, make sure that you have these surfing essentials with you:


For you to surf the waters, you need a surfboard, without it, you won't be able to do anything. Yes, it is the most obvious requirement but the type of surfboard you choose is important as well. Purchasing your first ever surfboard may be a daunting task but choosing a longboard will only enhance your training. 

Today, you will find regular surfboards as well as advanced boards that are designed for different waves. These boards come in different designs, sizes, styles, and even materials that contribute to your balance, speed, and durability. 


Whether you are surfing a beach break or a 30-foot swell, a wetsuit is known to protect your body while surfing. Even though you may see other surfers in their swimsuits, any experienced surfer will always recommend people to wear a wetsuit. 

Sometimes the temperature of the water can drop drastically, as a wetsuit this works in keeping your body warm and not freezing due to the icy temperature. When choosing a wetsuit, it is important that it fits you well and does not restrict any movement. Since surfing requires you to bend low, twist, and turn a comfortable suit will help you navigate the water easily. 

At SwimOutlet, you will find a collection of longsleeve wetsuit that is perfect for surfing, check it out today.


When you are surfing it is common to keep falling off your surfboard. Adding a leash to your surfboard will always ensure that your board is attached to you. If you get wiped out or fall off while riding your wave, you will not lose your board. As a general rule, your leash should be the length of your board or be a bit longer. 

When you purchase your rope, make sure that it is made of quality and tangle-free so that you can maneuver easily. While this safety feature may seem uncomfortable initially but as you surf regularly and understand its importance, you'll never surf without one. A leash also protects the surfers around so that your board does not come in the way when other surfers are catching their wave.


Another important surfing essential is the fins that are attached underneath your board. Fins on your surfboard help in improving the grip and stability of your board. As you know waves are very unpredictable, fins help you adjust to the sudden shifts of the waves. 

Different types of fins can consist of single, twin, thruster, quad or even five fin setups. Surfers use fins on their boards depending on your surfing ability and the size of the wave. So as a beginner choose the fin that will work best to your ability, skill, and style.


Surf wax is an important surfing tool that is spread across your surfboard. The wax you put on your board increases your grip when you catch a wave. It allows you to surf longer without falling or slipping off your board. When you are learning how to surf, balance and coordination are vital steps in catching a wave smoothly. 

Applying wax to your board just makes it easier to navigate the waves. Keep in mind that there is specific wax for different seasons which adjust to the temperature of your water. You can also consider using wax that is eco-friendly which means they are earth-friendly and protects the surrounding. 

Final Thoughts

Surfing is an exceptional water sport that offers several health benefits physically and mentally. As a newbie, make sure that you are equipped with basic surfing techniques and maneuvers. Here are some easy tips that will help you ride waves easily, however a coach or surf program can guide you down the right path.

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