5 Essential Gears Every Vaper Needs

Vaping or using an e-cigarette is one great alternative to smoking an actual cigarette. When done responsibly, vaping can actually help smokers quit in the long run. If you are considering about vaping, then here are some essential gears you might need.

E-juice kit

Do-it-yourself or DIY e-juice kits are fairly common among vapers. However, there are also ready-made kits available in the market and some are particularly intended for wax and concentrate vapers. These e-juice kits transform waxes and concentrate on oils. A typical e-juice kit contains a bottle of propylene glycol mixer and device necessities such as a mixing spatula and glass bottles. Some even include flavor shots in the kit. All of the kit contents can be secured in a carrying case that is securely zipped up.

USB Charger

There are vape devices that need to be charged before use and the best way to ensure that they are working when needed is to have these charged through USB chargers. Most vape USB chargers are small and portable, with the capacity to charge the vape device in an hour or so. Having a portable USB charge will allow you to charge your vaping device anytime and anywhere.

Portable Refilling Bottles

Another handy accessory every vaper needs is a portable refilling bottle that will allow for a quick and easy refill. Oftentimes, the drip tip is thin and narrow to permit an easy refill even for the smallest vape tanks. More often than not, these bottles are easy to open, lightweight and easy to squeeze. There are also those that come with a childproof cap that ensures that the liquids will not spill. Portable refilling bottles are proven to be durable and usually come in various sizes ranging from 15ml to 30ml.

Pocket Grinder

A pocket grinder is an essential vape pen accessory which is very handy for dry herb vapes. The best pocket grinder features a polished metal grinder that can result in various consistencies such as a coarse or a fine grind. With the dimensions of a credit card, it can easily fit into the wallet.

Glass Water Pipes

Another essential gear that every vaper needs is a glass water pipe. The main function of water pipes for dry herbs and wax vaporizers is to cool and purify the vapor. In addition to this, glass water pipes also make vaping much more amusing.

Vape pen accessories typically include dry herb vape pens, as well as cleaning supplies such as brushes. On the other hand, loading and cleaning tools are also essential for wax and concentrate pens. Other vape mod accessories such as coils and glass tubes for tanks are also essential gears for vapers.

To wrap things up, smoking is deemed as an unhealthy habit. This is the reason why more and more people are trying to give this habit up. However, quitting can prove to be a challenging feat, which is why some people try to transition to vaping first. After all, vaping is known as a better alternative to smoking.

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