5 DIY Repairs You Can Make at Home

Owning a home is a dream that many people desire to have. A place where you can spend time by yourself, relaxing and enjoying the peace. However, to ensure that your home continues being the sanctuary you want it to be, it needs frequent repairs to keep it running. Studies show that 38% of Americans can’t perform basic home repairs without the help of the internet.

Even if you're not the handiest person or have little to no experience in making home repairs, there are some fixes that you must familiarize yourself with. Even though some of the tasks might not seem glamorous, they would help you become more adept at fixing little issues and save money from relying on professionals. Here are some of the basic things you should learn.

1. Unclogging a toilet.

There isn't a single person that enjoys unclogging a toilet. However, it’s something that happens to every homeowner at some point. Toilet issues can get very stressful, especially because they are one of the most used items in a home. 

However, you don't have to panic when your toilet clogs up. Instead, try to identify what might have caused the blockage. If you have kids in your home, one of their toys might have gotten stuck, or maybe there's a buildup of used tissues. 

As gross as it might sound, one of the ways to clear a blockage is by removing whatever item might be clogging your toilet, with gloves on, of course. Another tip is pouring a bucket of water into the toilet bowl. The pressure often removes blockages and pushes them down the drain. If both tips don't work, you can use a plunger or a plumbing snake. 

3. Replace a light switch and bulbs
A professional should handle most of the electrical work in your home. However, simple things like replacing a light switch should be something you can do by yourself. Before replacing a light switch, ensure that you turn off your circuit breaker before starting. You can ask a trusted friend or relative to show you if you're unsure what it is. 

Changing light bulbs is also pretty simple and could be one of the first things you learn to do when living independently. However, you must ensure that you are safe before making the change. The stool you stand on to switch ceiling bulbs must be sturdy so you don't fall and injure yourself. 

4. Outdoor tools and equipment
If you enjoy spending time outdoors and working on beautifying your landscape, you can learn a few maintenance tips to keep your outdoor lawn tools and other essentials in good condition. You might not be a seasoned electrician or repair person, but if you have any lawn machines or tools that have broken down, you can turn them into a repair project. 

Before you throw any damaged tools out to buy new ones, you can check to see if the area or part causing the damage is localized and can be replaced. There are several replacement parts for outdoor lawn equipment that you can purchase to replace damaged ones. 

5. Squeaky or sticky doors
It's easy to forget that doors need occasional maintenance and repair work. Usually, its problems tend to be minor, but the regular sticks and squeaks can quickly get annoying. If you have squeaky doors, you must first check to see if there aren't any loose hinges or screws that might be causing the problem. In most cases, you’ll only need to tighten the loose screws to solve the problem. If the screws aren't loose, you can try oiling the hinges. 

If your door starts sticking, especially during humid months, it might need to be re-planed. However, it tends to go away, especially when the weather gets drier. 

6. Leaky faucet

Leaky faucets are common repairs made around the house. It might seem small and insignificant initially, but it can increase your water bills and waste a lot of water when left unchecked. 

You can probably fix it at home if it isn't a severe case. Before you address your leaky faucet, ensure that you shut off your main valve. You’ll also need basic tools like a wrench and screwdriver, which you would likely have lying around in a toolbox. 

So, there you have it! Here are some simple repairs you can make around the house without calling a professional. It doesn't matter if you have to rely on the internet to help you. Remember to be safety conscious during these repairs to prevent any injuries.

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