5 Best Ways to Style Your Room with Carpets

Carpets come in hundreds of colors, patterns, and cuts, providing thousands of possibilities to change the style statement of your home. Carpets insulate your floors and provide you with a sense of warmth in the room. Not to mention, you can adorn your room with a carpet irrespective of the type of flooring. Here, we have 5 best ways you to design your room with carpets.

1. Place Rugs and Other Decorative Items

You can upgrade the look of your room without changing the carpet. Using rugs and other decorative items can effortlessly add oomph to your flooring. There are many ways of styling your carpets with rugs. You can place a monochrome black and white rug on a light or bright colored carpet. Or you can use a rug with colorful geometric patterns to add a style statement.

Do not feel shy to use a large traditional rug. Traditional rugs look perfect with your master bedroom and drawing room décor. They are the best when you want to infuse a boho-chic look into your room décor.

If you despise your carpet, but you are stuck with it, then you should get an area rug that covers your floor. It is a great alternative if you are living in a temporary or rental space and are restricted to not to change the carpet. Make sure the rug is not too loud in terms of colors or overwhelming since it is going to cover a lot of space.

You can also include floor cushions and floor lamps to add something extra to your regular carpet. A metallic pouf or a cute little bean bag with florals will draw attention away from a bland carpet.

2. Make the Best of Twisted Pile Carpets or  Saxony Carpets

If your room has a very textured scheme, twisted pile carpet will go well with it. The pile of twisted yarn feels soft and warm on your feet, giving your flooring a subtle and rustic look.

You can find twisted pile carpets with yarns of complementary shades, giving a multicolor and flecked effect. Multicolored twisted pile carpet is perfect for heavily used areas. The marks and stains are less likely to be visible in a heathered twisted pile carpet.

If you want a more dense and luxurious texture, Saxony carpet would be an ideal choice. It is not suitable for the living room and other areas where it can get maximum wear and tear. But it is perfect for a bedroom or drawing-room. Saxony carpets make your flooring plush and deluxe. You will experience the best feeling in the morning when you wake up and set your feet into a deep soft pile.

3. Clean with a High Quality Carpet Cleaner

Carpets keep your floor clean by trapping the dust and dirt particles. But if you do not wash them for a long period, they become very dirty and lose their purpose. Carpets become hard to clean and maintain if you do not deep clean them twice a year. With a dirty carpet, you and your family are more likely to suffer from allergies.

It is necessary to deep clean your carpet twice a year. Deep cleaning the carpets can be quite a hassle. But with a good carpet cleaning machine, the cleaning becomes easy and convenient, and makes your carpet look spotless. Buy a high-quality home carpet cleaner to make your carpet last longer.

4. Dare to Stencil it

Painting patterns on your carpet with a stencil is a bold move but costs you nothing. You can jazz up your old and simple carpet with prints and patterns using a simple stencil. All you need is a stencil, roller or stencil brush and acrylic paint. Wall stencil works fine for the carpets. Or you can make your own stencil for free by tapping the design with a painter's tape.

Just use a painter's roll or the stencil brush over the stencil on your carpet and voila you have a new carpet. Make sure the paint is completely dry before you or anyone else steps on it.

5. Repaint The Walls

Have you tried the best carpet look but still feel that something is missing in your room decor? While the carpet style could be right, the color of the wall may not go well with it. The walls can make a huge difference to your room. To repaint your walls, pick a shade that contrasts well with your carpet. Or you can paint one of the walls in a bold or bright hue.

You can also think of painting your ceiling in a different color. Choose a color that pops up your room. Or go for a light hue to keep the décor subtle yet chic.

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