4 Budget-Friendly Home Upgrade Ideas

Homes are a huge money pit and big renovation projects like upgrading a kitchen or installing a new bathroom can be expensive. In the current economic climate, a lot of homeowners don't have the funds to spend on big upgrades, but they still want to give their homes a refresh. If you fall into this camp, here are a few things you can do that won't cost a small fortune.

A Lick of Paint

Painting walls, ceilings, and woodwork is one of the cheapest ways to refresh a room. A tin of paint isn't that expensive, and one 5-liter tin will usually be enough for a small to medium-sized room unless you are significantly changing the underlying color.

Choose colors carefully. Neutral shades can make a room feel bigger while darker and more vibrant colors have the opposite effect. Painting cupboards and cabinets can also make a huge difference, especially if they are currently dark wood and you paint them white.

If you love patterns, add a feature wall using patterned wallpaper. Papering one wall won't be too expensive and you can splash out on a better-quality paper.

Look for the latest deals to upgrade your living space for less and you might find decorative items at a discounted price.

Low-Cost Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchens are one of the more expensive rooms to upgrade, as bespoke cabinetry and fitted kitchens don't come cheap. And that's before you add in the cost of replacing appliances.

While painting the walls will lift an older kitchen, there are other things you can do, too. One is painting the cabinets, although if they are made from MDF you'll need to use a special primer first. Tiles can be replaced with glass splashbacks or fresh new tiles. New ceiling LEDs will make an older kitchen feel more modern, and new flooring will make a difference as well.

If you can't afford to replace the tiles or floor, use paint or adhesive vinyl to improve the look. Tile paint is durable and easy to use, and adhesive vinyl is an equally inexpensive way to lift some old wall tiles into the 21st century.

Fit Crown Molding

Crown molding adds a touch of luxe to an otherwise boring room. Even modern homes look more attractive with decorative crown molding and trims. Look for a lightweight style that suits your décor and have a go at fitting it yourself. There are lots of YouTube videos to help you complete the project, but if you are not confident in your skills, you can always hire an expert to do the job for you.

Work on the Outside Space

Your front yard is the first area people see when they visit your room, so it's important to spend a bit of time and effort here. While a professional landscaper will charge you a small fortune to come up with a design, there is a lot you can do to improve the area on a small budget.

Trim bushes and hedges, tidy up pathways, clean and paint your front door, and give your letterbox a polish. It's the little things that make a difference.

Brightly colored flowers always look amazing. Invest in some annuals and plant up pots and hanging baskets, so the outside of your home looks amazing. Pots and baskets are easy to care for and mostly they just need water once or twice a day in dry weather.

None of the upgrades above need to cost the earth. Most can be achieved for a few hundred dollars at the most, so why not give them a try this weekend?

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