3 thoughtful gift ideas for that special person in your life

If you have been in a relationship for a while, you might have hit a brick wall when it comes to buying gifts. After a few years, you run out of ideas and inspiration and so may end up buying something for the sake of it or grabbing something your partner might not want or even like. Not only is it a waste of money, but your gift will inevitably end up going to goodwill, or worse, it could end up in the trash.

If you need to buy a gift but don’t know where to start, here are 3 thoughtful gift ideas for that special person in your life that might help inspire you.

It has never been easier to take photos than it is now. The popularity of mobile phones means that we can pretty much take snaps whenever and wherever we like. That is great, but how often do you actually look at the pictures? The typical answer is not very often. We take hundreds of photos every year but rarely spend time sitting down to look through them. That’s why this makes such a unique and lovely gift.

Whether it's a book containing favorite photos of your kids or memories of special times with those who are no longer with us, a photobook is a gift that will always be treasured.

Regardless of gender, jewelry always makes a considered gift. You can’t go wrong with a watch or bracelet, and if you want to make it extra special, think about having it engraved with a special message.

Perhaps the person you are buying for has a loved one in the marines, and you want to honor that. There are many different types of marines necklaces and other armed forces-related jewelry such as rings and brooches that can be worn with pride and love every single day.

Jewelry not only shows the recipient how much you care about them, but it also shows that you went to lots of effort to find something perfect.

A romantic weekend away
If you have young children, it can be hard spending time alone with each other, so why not whisk your loved one away for a romantic break somewhere? Organize a babysitter, book time off work, sort out a hotel and take off – just the two of you. There are some truly incredible destinations to visit, so the only issue you may encounter will be narrowing it down!

Speak to the hotel in advance and ask if they can organize champagne for your room when you arrive. Some might even add rose petals on your bed and have a bubble bath ready and waiting to make it even more romantic. Check out the local area and book a nice dinner for two so you can both let your hair down and enjoy your time together.

Bear in mind that presents don't have to be expensive. If you have been thoughtful, then how much you spend doesn't matter.

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