3 Reasons Why Camping Is Your Best Option This Summer

Since March 2020, all travel has been either impossible or difficult to maintain plans that aren’t canceled. This summer is all about easy vacations with plans that can be followed through. For most, this means staying within our own countries (and even states) while we battle on until the end of the pandemic. A great way to take control of your vacation ideas is to forgo hotels, flights, and other external parties that can change the fate of your plans. Camping is a great way to spend your vacation, you can make your own plans, follow your own itinerary, and have the freedom to go wherever you please! Check out our top reasons to camp with this summer.

1. The Ability To Get Up And Go
If you’ve camped before you’ll know how utterly freeing it is. All you have to do is pack up your car and go! If you’re not so sure about tents and want to incorporate your travel and shelter in one then hire an RV for the summer and you can get up and go whenever you like. This will leave you able to sleep literally anywhere you fancy, even on the side of the road if you’re traveling to a far-flung destination! Check out Outdoorsera.com for some of the best RV tips and tricks to make your trip as amazing as possible!

2. The Beauty Of Nature
Camping allows you to spend plenty of time in nature, enjoying its sights, sounds, and smells. It’s hard to beat waking up on a beautiful beach, or sleeping beneath the stars. It offers you the opportunity to unplug from our busy lifestyles and strip back to basics. If you’re camping in warm and bright climes you’ll have an increase of Vitamin D from the sunshine and spending time in the outdoors is a proven mood booster! It’s hard to wake up on the wrong side of the bed if you’re being gently awakened by birdsong, just be sure to bring an eye mask if you don’t like waking up with the dawn!

3. Cheap And Cheerful
Camping is perfect if you want to vacation on a budget. Think of all of the costs of hotels, restaurants, and travel. If you camp you can slash those prices by rolling those costs into one! Tents can be bought fairly inexpensively, or even borrow one from a friend. Make sure you take a camping stove or portable BBQ with you so that you can cook whenever and wherever you like and cut expensive meals out. If you have an RV or larger camper van instead of a tent you may even have a kitchenette to cook in. Instead of taking part in pricey tours sold by a travel operator, speak to the locals or use sites like TripAdvisor to search out the best local attractions. If you are on a super low budget then look for free things to do or just explore the nature and wildlife of your destination!

Will you be camping this year? Let us know where you’re heading to in the comments!

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