10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Essay Writing

Creative essay writing involves a sort of balancing act whereby you need to be creative (by definition), but you also need to color within the lines of an essay structure, specifically within the lines of the marking guide your professor is following. Outstanding stories require an adequate use of literary elements. Literary elements are the basic structural building blocks that all stories are made up of – such as plot, character, and theme. If you're able to understand how these elements take shape, you’ll be able to use them to explore entire worlds of your own. The tips in this article may have a sweeping influence on your creative essay writing simply because they change your method. As the old saying goes, if something is tough to do, then you are probably doing it wrong.

1. Copy the Masters, and Emulate Their Style

To improve your essay writing skills, you could start by studying other writers' work, such as the great masters for creative writing. This will help you understand what sort of writing to go for, just like how wannabe painters will examine the work of great art masters and copy their style. This will also help you become more creative with your work, and not be afraid to try different styles that you will be able to improve, and then you can find one that works for you and make it your own. Do your homework for yourself. With your homework help, you will be much more confident in writing essays!

2. Describe Things as if You Were Describing Something Else

As you begin to write your essay, make sure to describe the subject as if you were talking about something else. In the book, “Of Mice and Men,” Lenny Small is a big oaf described as a bear in the way he lumbers around and moves. This helps the reader to create a vivid mental image of what Lenny is really like.

3. Practice Writing While You Are Tired

While writing when tired sounds like a strange thing to do, it may also make you a better and more creative writer. This is because, if you practice this skill, you will find that your imagination takes over as the logical side of your brain shuts down, and a more creative, almost dreamlike state takes over. Many singers and fiction writers claim to have written their best material very late at night when they are tired.

4. Read Other Peoples Essays for Inspiration

By reading other people's work, you will be able to gain inspiration from there. You will be able to see how they lay out everything, what sort of styles they use, and look up what made them become such good writers. Another reason to be reading other people's work is that it will help you get new ideas for the essay, and you can avoid having to deal with writer's block. A good way to gain inspiration for a difficult topic is to use an essay writing service, always PaperWriter service helps writing essays. 

6. Concentrate on Output, and Leave Spelling Until the Very Last

Why is it so important to leave spell checking until the very end? One of the reasons is that you won't lose any time by spell checking every sentence, and you can leave it until the essay is complete. Another benefit is that you will be able to write fast, have free time to have a break, or two, and look at your work with fresh new eyes. This way, you can check the spelling correctly, and you will be able to concentrate on the output more.

7. Over-Write the Essay, and Cut It Down Later

When you write an essay, make sure you write as much as you can. Over-writing will help you in the long run. If you stick to just a set number of words, you will often have to fluff up the work to make the word count. By writing more than the amount due, you can change the work as much as you want, and you will have the option to cut it down later.

8. Aim for Two Rewrites to Better Polish the Essay

Forget the idea of writing a single essay. Your aim is to write your essay two or three times. Even if the first draft of your essay is perfect, you must force yourself to write it again to make it even better. Once that is done, rewrite again to make the essay absolute perfection. It took Michelangelo four years to paint the Sistine chapel because he didn't settle for his first sketches and then leave it.

9. Try to Add Contrast to Your Work

Think about what the readers are going to say and consider their criticisms and add them to the essay itself. Look for the problems within the essay, and answer them within, so that it dispels doubts of anybody who would try to criticize your work objectively.

10. Try to Be Original, But Don't Go Too Far

People who try to be different are those who end up creating something that has already been done before. Trying to be original is not the same as being original. In many cases, the best stuff comes from other people copying others and adding your own flavor.

Without the Flintstones, we wouldn't have the Simpsons; without Back To The Future, we wouldn't have Rick and Morty, and without the Bible, we wouldn't have The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe.

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