The Steps You Need To Take After A Workplace Accident

Being involved in a workplace accident that is not your fault needs to be dealt with correctly. Although you may be close to your colleagues or manager and not want to put a complaint in against them or your company, you should not compromise your health and safety. If you are ever involved in a workplace accident, here are the steps to take.

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Seek legal help
If you are involved in a workplace accident, then you might need to invest in a criminal defense attorney who can help fight and defend your future. Not only will they defend your future, but they will defend you at the time of the issue. You will deserve compensation, especially if it is not your fault. Thus, asking for legal help and advice will get you the help you need for a good solution. 

First aid matters
If you or someone else is injured, you will need to attend to the injury first and foremost. The primary concern after an accident is a person’s health and safety. Your workplace should have a first aid kit at hand. You will need to ensure the person is stable and fit enough before moving them. 

If more assistance than your first aid kit is required, then call the emergency services. 

Manage the scene
If the accident has occurred and the scene is left a mess, a dangerous mess, then you will need to manage it. Leaving it unattended and dangerous could cause another accident to happen. 

For instance, there may be a spillage that has caused someone to fall. If this is the case, when the person injured is cared for, ensure to mop up the spill to prevent anyone else from slipping. It may be worth sectioning off the area for some time until the case is resolved, in case evidence is needed. 

Report the accident
You must report the accident as soon as you are safe to do so. Your health matters more, so attend to that first. When you are in the right mind to report the accident, always ensure to do it as soon as possible. This will allow you to report the accident as clearly as possible. 

Reporting workplace accidents is the law. Without doing so (maybe you want to protect your company or colleagues) you are reducing the safety of your workplace. If the accident is not reported, it may happen again to someone else. You will need to reduce or eliminate that risk. Thus, always ensure to report your workplace accidents

Ask for witness statements
Alongside your report, you will benefit from having witness statements. Having someone, or a few people, report the accident in the same way as you will increase the likelihood of preventing the accident from occurring again and help your case. 

Your colleagues will likely want to help you, so there is no harm in asking those that were around to report anything that they heard or saw. 

Keep a diary of symptoms
If you do suffer an injury, that causes you pain or discomfort, then you must record your symptoms. You may require time off of work. To get paid and the right medical help, the diary of symptoms will act as evidence for that. 

You may require more medical attention if symptoms persist or become worse. Thus, a diary will help you display your concerns to the medical staff so that they can attend to your needs as soon as possible. 

Track your outgoing costs
After an accident that isn’t your fault, your workplace will need to repay you for your outgoings that are a result of the accident. 

For instance, you may need to attend regular hospital trips. Of which, you can ask for the transport and medical bill money back. Tracking these outgoing costs will help you hand over your bills all at once to the workplace so that they can be paid back. 

Your company is refuse sick leave pay, which you are entitled to. Especially if the accident was due to a lack of training, safety measures, or management. Thus, track the amount of time you need off (along with a doctor’s note) to hand in when you need to be paid for your sick leave. 

Demand safer workwear
Fires in the workplace are common. They are a prime example of why companies must provide all staff with safe workwear. Ensuring you wear the correct clothing will ensure and increase your safety at work. Flame-resistant materials are a must if your environment is vulnerable to flames. 

If your company did not offer all staff the correct workwear, then you must make a complaint. Without the correct clothing, you cannot guarantee safety. You are legally allowed to make a formal complaint against your company if they are refusing to provide safe workwear, especially in hazardous environments. 

Ask for more training
If the workplace accident was the result of a lack of training, then you must demand more training to be better educated on the correct and safe workplace practices. 

For those that work in hazardous environments, such as warehouses, training should be conducted regularly. This is so that all staff is up to date with new training and safety measures. Also, it allows staff to refresh their knowledge so that they are always are safe at work as possible, to reduce the risk of injury to them and others. 

Training is essential for any new staff member too. So, if you notice people are being hired in your company after an accident has occurred and no training takes place, you must request it on their behalf. A new member of staff may be oblivious to the training required. Thus, you will increase the safety of yourself as well as them if you request more training. 

Bottom line
If you ever experience an accident at the workplace, no matter how big or small it is, always ensure to take the right steps after to get the help and compensation you deserve. Always ensure to report the incident and attend to your health before anything else.

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