The Real Reasons Workplace Accidents Happen (Hint: It's Not Always What You Think)

Have you ever wondered why workplace accidents happen? Perhaps you, or someone in your family, has been injured at work, and you want to know the real cause of that accident. Maybe it's just curiosity on your part; if so, this article will help clarify the reasons why workplace accidents happen while also describing what steps can be taken to prevent them from occurring in the future. Workplace accidents are actually surprisingly common; according to some estimates, one out of every five employees will suffer an injury at work each year.

Lack of health-saving knowledge
Health issues frequently arise due to a lack of knowledge about emergency action principles and how to cope with any scenario. Falls and injuries can occur even in the safest of environments. Indeed, sometimes, even though the business has safety protocols, people can still get hurt for a variety of reasons, such as existing health conditions affecting their reactions, for example. When this happens, knowledge of emergency action principles can make a huge difference in protecting the person's health. Not knowing the right gestures could make the situation worse!

Lack of health and safety audit
How safe is the workplace? A professional audit focused on essential workplace health and safety services can tell you where your organisation has been falling short of best practices, and what you can do to improve. Health and safety audits will help you identify any imminent hazards in your workplace and, in turn, help reduce risk levels.

It isn't uncommon for small businesses to struggle to keep up with H&S regulations in their unique environment. As each workplace is unique, it can be tough to build a functional area that promotes both productivity and health and safety.

High stress
Stress makes people less attentive and more likely to rush through routine tasks. In addition, if someone is over-stressed, they're going to be more prone to mistakes. A person could momentarily forget essential safety procedures when they are in a hectic situation. Or perhaps the team feels rushed to stay productive and could choose to forego H&S to gain time.

To avoid accidents, strive for a low-stress environment where people can step back and take a breath to focus on their tasks without pressure.

Inadequate training and training material
While worker safety is an important part of many companies' health and safety protocols, it's also something that often gets overlooked by employers. If you work in a large, well-established company, you might think you can safely assume your employer takes training seriously—but it isn't always that simple. To keep yourself safe in case of an accident or emergency, be sure to ask your employer whether they provide enough thorough training for their employees; if not, ask them if they plan on doing so.

Insufficient PPE
Personal protective equipment, also known as PPE, is essential in any workplace environment. This equipment can range from a simple hard hat to complex protective coveralls and breathing apparatus. Employees should wear these items whenever necessary for their personal protection. Without proper access to PPE, employees may be at risk of injuries or health conditions that could have been easily prevented through using the appropriate clothing or accessory on site, as the PPE shortage during the pandemic peak has revealed!

In conclusion, health and safety accidents in the workplace are not necessarily caused by a lack of interest or care. Businesses and employees are working hard to create a safe environment. Yet, a shortage of skills, time and equipment can have dramatic consequences.

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