4 Safety Tips for Delivery Drivers

With the rise of eCommerce and the wealth of food delivery options available, delivery drivers are in high demand whether you're dropping off Chinese food across town or embarking on a cross-country trip to deliver a shipment of goods. Like any job, there must be safety policies to ensure your drivers are protected from start to finish. If you run a delivery company, here are four safety tips to guarantee your drivers do not encounter any problems.

Avoid Late Night Deliveries
Your drivers may think they're tough, and the idea of being scared of the dark is not something they would own up to. However, it's not about being scared, but rather a particular safety issue, especially when traveling to unfamiliar areas. The lack of visibility at night can make deliveries hazardous, both by getting lost or encountering someone who does not have their best interests in mind. Making deliveries in daylight may take a little longer due to traffic, but the peace of mind that comes from this is invaluable. 

Make the Most of Technology
Technology is here to help us in our lives, so it makes sense that you would want to use it for your delivery drivers. You can use GPS tracking to identify where they are during the route, which will help you check-in if anything seems off. Likewise, you may find trucks or vans with built-in tech that recognizes when the driver is losing concentration. If it identifies unusual driving patterns, such as slowing down and speeding up regularly or drifting into the other lane, it could be a sign your driver is too tired and should therefore take a rest. 

Provide Thorough Training
It should go without saying that any employee requires training. However, some companies are so desperate to keep things moving that they will throw new hires into the cab and set them on their way. While many drivers will not have a problem with this, novices may encounter some issues that could impact their safety and others' safety when driving. Providing thorough training will minimize the risk of accidents and collisions, ensuring your staff feels comfortable and confident whenever they hit the road. 

Keep In Contact
It's essential to keep in contact with your delivery fleet wherever they are so you can take immediate action should something go wrong. A company phone is useful for this, but it's not always possible, depending on the size of your business. Still, if you provide contact details for you or the office, you can make sure your drivers are safe after an incident and even put them in touch with a truck accident lawyer so that they are sufficiently represented wherever they are. 

Safety On the Road
Road safety is crucial no matter who you are. Still, as delivery drivers are on the road more often than anyone else, you must make sure you set out a comprehensive list of procedures to ensure continued safety wherever they are. This will keep them happy and also help maintain your company as one that is reliable.

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