Why People Are Using Hemp Cream Over Hemp Oil

There is now more product diversity within the cannabis world than ever before. This means that people can now discover a plethora of hemp products and choose which ones they like best.

One of the most popular hemp products these days is cream, and a lot of people are choosing it over hemp oil, the most common item found in stores.

But what is it about hemp cream that makes it preferable over hemp oils? Is it really that much better?

What Is Hemp Cream?
Hemp cream is a pretty broad name describing a whole category of topical hemp products.

Topicals are products that the user applies directly onto the skin or hair to reap the benefits of the cannabinoids within. Creams are typically made with some sort of moisturizing element to act help the cannabinoids infiltrate the dermal layers.

Popular options include ingredients like Shea butter and cocoa butter. Their lovely smells and smooth textures help to make hemp creams enjoyable to use. They also act as the main facilitator for the cannabinoids to be absorbed into the skin through osmosis.

The hemp cannabinoids that are within hemp cream are the same as those within hemp oil.

What Is Hemp Oil?
Hemp oil is what might be called the most straightforward and purest form of taking hemp, as it is the first step in extracting the cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

Hemp plants are subjected to an extraction method known as supercritical CO2 extraction, whereby the cannabinoids within the plant are removed using carbon dioxide.

The extract is then suspended in oil, which results in a hemp tincture.

Users then take hemp oil orally or sublingually, which means below the tongue. Some people even add it to their food as well.

Hemp oil is commonly used as the main way to infuse other products with cannabinoids, including items like hemp cream and hemp edibles and pills.

Considering hemp oil is the standard practice of taking hemp, why do so many people prefer to use hemp cream? What advantages does hemp cream have over oil?

Reason #1: Hemp Cream Feels Amazing
This reason might seem a bit superficial, but hemp cream isn't just a great way to take CBD; it feels fantastic on the skin as well.

What type of CBD product would you be most likely to prefer – swallowing oil to ingest the desired quantity of cannabinoids? Or, instead, using a soothing, soft cream that makes your skin glow? It isn't hard to imagine which one most people would pick when put like that.

Plus, hemp creams serve a dual purpose; they aren't just providing cannabinoids but also allowing the user to moisturize their skin.

Moisturization might not seem that important when compared to the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, but many people suffer from dehydrated skin. This commonly leads to inflammation and irritation, two of the main reasons that people seek out cannabinoids to begin with.

It only makes sense for those struggling with inflammatory pain or skin issues to combine the cannabinoids and moisturizing cream into one product.

Reason #2: Hemp Cream Is Better at Treating Surface Pains
This makes sense considering hemp creams are applied to the body’s surface.

Studies have shown that hemp cream and other topicals are excellent for treating skin disorders.

These are most commonly things like dermatitis, psoriasis, or even inflammation and pain as a result of working out too much and straining a muscle.

This makes hemp cream not only useful for a specific ailment but also a multipurpose product, allowing users to experience all of the things that hemp has to offer.

Final Thoughts: Why People Are Using Hemp Cream Over Hemp Oil
The fact is, hemp cream is just so helpful compared to the ordinary qualities of hemp oil.

Hemp oil definitely has its place, especially for those looking for higher doses of cannabinoids, but hemp cream is definitely the better choice for the average person looking for cannabinoid benefits.

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