Rapid Weight Loss: It Can Be Done, But It Likely Won't Last

There seems to be a great demand on losing weight. A lot of weight, and quickly. Before I tell you how to do it you must understand that this is not healthy, there is a high chance of not succeeding because your body (cravings, appetite, lack of will power) will eventually cause you to fail, there is a high chance it will be temporary (again, because of cravings, etc).

If you are still sure you want to try then read on.

Weight is made up of mostly muscle and water. There is fat there too but fat takes a long time to burn up. You should also know that the more muscle you have the more water you will retain, and water is very heavy and may make you appear bloated. Also, glycogen is a form of energy that your body stores in the liver, blood, and muscles. Glycogen is used for energy. The problem is that with glycogen your body also stores a lot of water.

So, to lose a lot of weight quickly you need to deplete your glycogen levels. You can do this by avoiding all foods with any form of starch, carbohydrates, sugar, fructose, galactose, maltose, etc. Anything that ends with “ose” then it is made of some kind of sugar. Read the labels when you buy food and you will see. If you can do this while you are physically active your success will be greater.

If you can do this, within a couple of days your body will be depleted of glycogen, and along with this a great deal of water weight. If you are able to continue this then your body will start to burn primarily fat stores for energy. As mentioned before though, it is very hard to continue for more than a couple of weeks. But, you can always try, at least limiting the carbs that you eat.

So, here's what you can not eat:

  • Fruit of any kind
  • Honey, syrup, sugar, etc
  • Potatoes, pasta, spaghetti, rice
  • Bread, muffins, cereal, pancakes
  • Milk, juice, pop, chips
  • Chocolate, ice cream
  • Get the idea? Anything with any kind of sugar must be avoided

So, what can you eat? Anything that is made 100% of protein and or 100% fat. Such as:

  • Eggs, cheese, nuts, meet
  • Fish, chicken, turkey
  • Get the idea?
  • A limited number of vegetables, e.g. 2-3 servings per day

Drink plenty of water all the time. You may feel week at times, maybe a bit dizzy. If you absolutely must give in then stick to fruit, but very few.

Again, understand that this is not healthy for you, it's only temporary, and you may not last very long. If you succeed, you should notice 2-5 pounds lost within the first week.

Good luck.

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