The 5 Reasons why Gay Men Love to take Poppers

Since they first became popular in the 60’s, poppers have been associated with the gay scene. Why has this one legal high earned such a special place in homosexual subculture? We wanted to take a closer look and find out why. What is it that makes gay men love poppers? It turns out it all starts with a scent…

So what are they? Asides from the pleasing fragrance, poppers are sniffed for a variety of reasons… but here are our favourites!

1 – They are an Immediate Turn On!

Poppers are so prevalent on the scene that you know what’s coming from the moment you see them. If you’re at the club and a guy pulls out a bottle of Amsterdam gold poppers you know where your night is going. They have become an immediate turn on in this way… but when coupled with the drug’s relaxant abilities? It all adds up to a heart racing night of passion which the poppers play a huge part in. For thousands of gay men all over the world, poppers are a form of foreplay all by themselves.

2 – They Help you to Relax!

One of the main reasons for taking poppers in the first place is their ability to help you relax. People take poppers because they help both physical and mental relaxation. This sense of relaxation is down to the chemicals that make them. These are known as amyl nitrites.

Amyl Nitrites have many qualities but one of the best known is their ability to relax the anal muscles… which might explain their prevalence in the gay community.

3 – They Keep you Excited for Longer

Poppers get you excited and keep you excited for longer. They do this by providing an initial headrush, then continuing to act as a vasodilator. This basically means it increases the blood flow around your body. Since circulatory troubles are associated with Erectile Dysfunction, this means that poppers can help keep you harder, for longer.

4 – There are Heightened Pleasure Senses

It is said that poppers can heighten sexual pleasure in other ways, too. Liquid Gold poppers are a great example, since they also stimulate your sense of smell, your enjoyment of touch, and can lead to a tingling sensation all over your body. Add this to a headrush and increased relaxation, and regular users have reported Liquid Gold poppers as some of the best on the market for enhancing sexual pleasure. Legislation does impact the availability of poppers, for example poppers UK and US based sellers do exist whereas they are banned in Australia and Canada.

5 – You Have Better Orgasms

You have a bodily response to any high that increases blood flow. This includes an all-over body flush, not just the face, head or neck. When used at the right moment, bottled poppers will let you have a better orgasm by enhancing the anticipation, reducing the chances of premature ejaculation and giving you a harder erection.

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