How To Make Your Own Healthy Juice At Home

Fruits and vegetables have been scientifically proven to have several benefits to our bodies. They are classified as the best source of natural nutrients and energy. Apart from having a sour or sweet natural taste, most of them play a great role in detoxifying our bodies and improving our immunity. Both vegetables and Fruits vary in size, texture, taste, shape, and color. They also have a varying percentage of minerals and vitamins. For this reason, it is wise to make juice using several fruits and vegetables to get proper nutrition.

The high demand for fresh juice in many towns and cities across the globe has led to hundreds of thousands of juice bars. Healthy fresh juice is more expensive than processed juice since it doesn’t have preservatives and other chemicals. You can prevent losing hundreds of dollars buying a few glasses of juice by making your own healthy juice. These are the main steps to make homemade healthy juice.

Step 1: Select fruits and vegetables 

You can make a healthy juice using almost any type of fruit or vegetable. However, the most common fruits in the juice industry include mangoes, limes, oranges, apples, passion fruits, and lemons. Top vegetables include kale, cucumber, carrots, celery, and beets. You might consider adding turmeric, ginger and other important add-ins to add more nutrients and improve the taste of your juice.

Step 2: Washing the produce

Most fresh fruits and vegetables might have soil particles, dust, and other unwanted matter. Wash them thoroughly and ensure both sides of all leaves are clean. Remove fruits that seem to be rotten and vegetable leaves that have been attacked by larvae. 

Step 3: Processing

You have to peel the lemons, and oranges since they have thick skins. Chop your fruits and vegetables into small pieces before feeding them into the blender or juice maker. Ensure that you load your juicer with an appropriate amount of the mixture to allow the unit to run perfectly. There are dozens of juicer models on various online stores and X1 Commercial Cold-Press is one of the compact ones. Switch on the unit and blend the fruit and vegetable mixture on full power. Once the juicer has finished processing the mixture, pour it into jars. Don’t forget to clean the unit for the next processing task.

Step 4: Enjoy

Shake or stir the juice thoroughly before serving. You can enjoy with your friends or family. If you have a fridge, store the excess juice for future use. If a healthy juice is part of your weight loss plan, ensure that you store several jars of juice to last you a few days or the whole week. This reduces the number of hours you waste preparing the juice.

A healthy lifestyle involves regular exercise and having proper nutrition. Boost your energy, cleanse your body and save money by making your own healthy juice. In addition, a healthy juice can help you reduce weight especially if you come up with a weekly juice plan. You can prepare a lot of juice and store it in your refrigerators so that you can have a glass after every meal. It is recommended to select a variety of vegetables and fruits to supply your body with all important nutrients and minerals.

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