Foolproof Ways to Know if Your Food Has Gone Bad

No one likes to waste food that can be used to cook a nice delicious meal or any food at all. Taking care of the “best before” or “expiry” date of your food items is a great idea. But what about the food items that don't have said dates, like fruits and vegetables? As much as this might sound deceiving, there are many ways that can help you tell if your food has gone bad or not, thanks to our five senses. Read on to know of the foolproof ways that tell you if your food has gone bad.

Give It a Whiff 

You can always give your food a whiff whenever you feel that it might have gone bad. Obviously, you will notice that it smells different than when you first got it. Smelling your food can come to your aid if you want to know how to tell if an egg is off, especially that it has been sitting in your fridge for a while.  Not just eggs, but you can also tell that raw meat and dairy products have gone bad by smelling them. These food items are the easiest to smell the rancid scent off of them. 

Look for Discoloration

Finding discoloration in your food items is one of the biggest signs that it's rotten. You cannot eat that anymore. Most of the meat food items change color when they are exposed to light and air. If you spot discoloration in fruits and vegetables, then this is most probably from their exposure to air. Sticky or slimy layers on your food should be your queue to not eat the item presented to you. 

Check its Texture

A change in texture can be sensed and seen. You would find this change very common in dairy products, such as cheese and milk. Usually, the milk starts forming chunks as a result of being left out for a while. Cheese might get a bit oozy if it's not refrigerated. However, not all food items that change in texture must be thrown away. Many fruits that start to soften can be used for jams, juices, compotes, etc. 

Spot Visible Molds 

Molds are the easiest thing to spot after discoloration. They can attack any type of food, such as dairy, bread, or vegetables. When any of your leftovers or food starts growing mold, you can simply cut off these areas and eat them safely. However, this is not always the case, since some types of molds are not very safe to eat. So, try to play it safe and avoid any food with molds. 

It is a waste to throw food that has gone bad. Sometimes, things may slip, no matter how properly you can store your food items. Regardless of that, you need to equip yourself with a guide on how to tell if your food has gone bad. This guide is very simple as it only requires mastering your five senses. In addition, it will make sure that you stay healthy and safe from anything that can poison you.

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