Mistakes That Slow Your Recovery After A Procedure

When you are told to have a surgery or you need to have a procedure done with a dentist, you are given a set of instructions so that your body can recover properly. Your doctor will tell you how to relax and rest while you're dealing with recovery, but did you know that there are things that you could be doing wrong? 

There are some simple mistakes that you make after you've had a procedure or a surgery that can put you at risk. When it comes to resting after a tooth extraction for example, you need to know the proper aftercare so that you can get back to your best in no time at all. The longer you wait to help yourself, the worse it'll be. With this in mind, here's some of the mistakes that you might be making that slow your recovery after you've had some surgery.

  1. You're doing so much too soon! You get told a timeframe for recovery after you have a procedure, but if you don't adhere to those timeframes, you're going to feel worse before you can feel any kind of better. If you are too active too quickly, you're going to do more harm to your body than you ever expected to do. Stick to the timeframe your doctor gives you and you'll be feeling better in no time at all.
  2. You're resting too much. It's smart to move around after a surgery, but you need to rest and stay in bed if that's what your doctor tells you to do. The thing is, you need to know when resting too much is a bad thing. Blood clots, ulcers and pulmonary embolisms are all a thing if you rest too much for too long. Move around as much as your body allows you to and as the doctors tell you.
  3. You don't take your medicine. This is a big mistake. Without your medicine, you're going to take longer to recover. If the doctor thinks that you need to have medicine to recover, take it and take it according to the schedule. Pain can interfere with everything and if you don't take your pills, you will end up feeling much worse. 
  4. You're not eating and drinking enough. A part of your recovery is in making sure that your body has fuel. After a tooth extraction, it's going to be all about the liquid food and drinks that will bypass your pain and allow you to feel good.
  5. You're skipping rehab. Have you been told to head to a physio? If so, you need to actually go to the physio to get better. So many people think that the best thing to do is tough it out, but you shouldn't do that. Why tough it out when you have a recovery to get through? 
  6. You go back to work too soon. It's nice to go to work, sure, you need the money, but if it's going to impede your recovery, it's not worth it. You shouldn't go back to work until you're told to – just in case!
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