86 Phobias: Who Knew There Were So Many?

A phobia is an irrational fear of something that does not actually pose a serious enough threat. Some phobias have some rationale behind them e.g. fear of snakes, while others have no rationale at all e.g. fear of noise.

Being exposed to the fearful situation usually causes the person to have a panic attack, characterized by anxiety, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and an extreme desire to flee the situation.

With proper treatment some phobias can be dealt with. But, some people will have the phobia for life. Here is a list of 86 phobias:

Phobia Name   Fear Of…
Ablutophobia   washing
Achluophobia   darkness
Acousticophobia   noise
Acrophobia   heights
Aeroacrophobia   open high places
Agoraphobia   open spaces
Aichmophobia   needles/pointed objects
Ailurophobia   cats
Altophobia   heights
Androphobia   men
Anthropophobia   people
Aphenphosmphobia   being touched
Arachnephobia   spiders
Atychiphobia   failure
Aviophobia   flying
Bacillophobia   microbes
Bacteriophobia   bacteria
Catoptrophobia   mirrors
Cenophobia   new things
Ceraunophobia   thunder/lightning
Chiraptophobia   being touched
Claustrophobia   confined spaces
Enochlophobia   crowds
Entomophobia   insects
Gamophobia   marriage
Glossophobia   speaking in public
Haphephobia   being touched
Heliophobia   the sun
Hemophobia   blood
Herpetophobia   reptiles
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia   long words
Homophobia   homosexuality
Hydrophobia   water
Hypsiphobia   height
Insectophobia   insects
Keraunophobia   thunder and lightning
Microbiophobia   microbes
Misophobia   being contaminated with dirt or germs
Mottephobia   moths
Musophobia   mice
Myctophobia   darkness
Myrmecophobia   ants
Noctiphobia   the night
Numerophobia   numbers
Nyctophobia   the dark/night
Ochlophobia   crowds/mobs
Ombrophobia   rain or of being rained on
Ophidiophobia   snakes
Ornithophobia   birds
Panophobia   everything
Papaphobia   the Pope
Parasitophobia   parasites
Pathophobia   disease
Pediculophobia   lice
Phasmophobia   ghosts
Phengophobia   sunshine
Phobophobia   phobias
Photophobia   light
Phonophobia   noise
Pluviophobia   rain
Potamophobia   running water
Psychrophobia   cold
Pteromerhanophobia   flying
Ranidaphobia   frogs
Rupophobia   dirt
Satanophobia   Satan
Sciophobia   shadows
Scoleciphobia   worms
Scolionophobia   school
Scotophobia   darkness
Sexophobia   the opposite sex
Snakephobia   snakes
Social Phobia   being evaluated
Sociophobia   society
Somniphobia   sleep
Spheksophobia   wasps
Suriphobia   mice
Tachophobia   speed
Taeniophobia   tapeworms
Taphephobia   being buried alive
Testophobia   taking tests
Thalassophobia   the sea
Thanatophobia   death or dying
Triskaidekaphobia   the number 13
Tropophobia   making changes
Verminophobia   germs
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