Guide To Choosing A Full-Size Adjustable Bed For The Elderly

As we age, sleep becomes incredibly important for us to feel good. But to sleep well, it is, in turn, necessary that we sleep on a good bed.

It can be quite difficult to find a good bed as different bodies, needs, and moods are suited for different beds. One type of bed that has become increasingly popular in recent times is the adjustable bed – a model that means that you can set the mattress in a certain position, which provides customizable support settings for the head, feet, and back.

In other words, an adjustable bed can be a good investment for people who suffer from back problems, require support, want to get optimal recovery, or simply want to be able to rest comfortably in bed.

A full size adjustable bed for elderly people is particularly good as it provides a plethora of benefits. By investing in such a bed, their comfort is increased, their sleep improved and their conditions are mitigated.

In this article, we offer a guide to choosing a full-size adjustable bed for the elderly as it is ideal when looking to get greater independence and flexibility.

Bed's Motor

It may sound strange, but what enables an adjustable bed to be adjustable is a motor. The motor is the main component that allows us to adjust the position of the bed, that is, raise and lower it.

For the bed to reach its full potential, the motor is very crucial as it is the one that decides how you can set the bed, and how well this function works. Cheaper adjustable beds usually have less powerful and precise motors, so investing in quality is of the essence.

We recommend that you focus a little extra on the motor in the adjustable bed to be sure that it is stable and durable. Of course, it should also be of high quality, safe to use, and preferably not make any loud sounds.

The location of the bed's motor is also important. If the bed only has one motor, this means that the entire bed's mattress is adjusted at the same time. If, on the other hand, it has two motors, it is possible to adjust the two sides of the bed separately which is perfect for elderly couples who have different needs.

Anti-slip Protection

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Something that can make it easier for you who are going to sleep in an adjustable bed is if the bottom of the bed is equipped with slip protection. Although it is the bed's motor that controls the bed's position, non-slip protection can be good as it ensures that the mattress also stays in that position.

Without anti-slip protection under the mattress, there’s a great risk that your mattress will start to slide down and lose its position, which means that you lose the whole point of the adjusting function. With non-slip protection, the mattress is instead automatically held in place regardless of position and adjustments, something that can be extra convenient for elderly people when buying an adjustable bed.

Bed Springs

The springs in a bed are crucial when buying different types of all beds, adjustable beds in particular. For seniors to get the best possible sleeping experience and comfort in bed, we recommend that they choose pocket springs or multi-pocket springs.

Such spring systems ensure that the bed gives really good support, which is often something you ask for when buying an adjustable bed. Thanks to the fact that they’re also adjusted as needed without losing their shape, the springs provide the right relief in all positions depending on how a person lies. A firm mattress is also crucial to avoid back problems, stiffness, aches, and pains.

Area Of Use

Elderly people usually invest in an adjustable bed due to medical reasons, for example, when they’re in a lot of pain, suffer from a certain disease and conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders. An adjustable bed for the elderly is a very good alternative as the bed's inclination helps the elderly to get up and out of bed more easily.

With an adjustable bed, elderly people can also adjust their position day by day and balance according to how they feel and what they need. This is good for all the above-mentioned medical reasons.

Final Thoughts

Today there are a plethora of different adjustable beds to choose from. However, the buying process can be a little more complicated for the elderly.

Fortunately, our guide on the best adjustable bed can make it easier for those who want to find a suitable model. Just remember to adapt the bed purchase to your needs, body, and sleeping habits to get the best possible results.

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