The UK’s Changing Exercise Habits During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything in 2020, including the way in which people exercise. With gyms, fitness classes and competitive sports not being an option during lockdown, people have turned to alternative forms of exercise over the last few months with 63% of people stating that exercise has important for their mental health during the lockdown.

People Getting Active
It seems that there has been a surge in exercise since the start of the outbreak which can be attributed to a few reasons, including having more spare time because of remote work, constantly being reminded of the importance of being active and people trying to make positive changes to their life during this unique period. A study from BUPA revealed that 61% of UK adults have been taking advantage of time in lockdown to exercise with 28% exercising more than normal.

Changing Habits
There has been a complete transformation in exercise habits, though, which makes it hard to predict what the future looks like and whether or not people will be returning to gyms in the future. Online exercise classes, home gym equipment and exercises like running, walking and cycling have all exploded in popularity and this might continue even after the threat of the virus has passed.

Improving Mental Health
It is fantastic to see so many people finding ways to be active and improve their physical fitness during the pandemic, plus this is also an important way that people can look after their mental health. Mental health has been a major concern during the lockdown with people being forced to spend more time at home and socialise less in addition to the obvious concerns that the pandemic brings.

While there are many benefits to so many people now being active and improving their exercise habits, there are also potential issues to be aware of. The study from BUPA revealed that as many as 7.2 million people had been hurt or injured during lockdown with online classes, PT sessions, weight lifting and home gym equipment causing the most injuries. People must also be wary when out walking/running/cycling as accidents involving cars can be common and if you are involved in an accident that was not your fault then you may want to consider a personal injury claim.

The pandemic has completely transformed exercise habits in the UK and it is excellent to see so many people increasing the amount that they are exercising, but it is also important to be careful no matter what type of exercise you are doing, especially in a time where it is important to protect the NHS.

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