Is it Useful to Teach First Aid in Schools?

You must think this is a question that goes without asking because surely, every school teaches kids about first aid. However, if you're a parent, you'll understand why it's posed as a question. Very many schools do not think that teaching first aid is necessary. Teachers have gotten used to being called upon if a student gets hurt.

But what if students didn't have to call a teacher when a fellow student fell down and hurt their knee? What if students could easily access first aid kits in school, and they knew how to use them?

There is a need to include first aid in the curriculum because school is not the only place kids get hurt. Even if they're home, there is no guarantee that a parent will be around to take care of the injured child.

Schools should introduce first aid as a unit as early as a primary school so that students grow up knowing how to take care of themselves. For a long time, the first aid kit is one of those things students saw around but never knew how to use. This trend has to change because it's not like these same students will be expected to magically learn how to take care of a wound when they're older.

The same way students do midterm papers to test their knowledge in different subjects, so should it be the case for first aid. Read n to learn about valid reasons why first aid should be taught in schools.

First Aid Saves Lives

This is the most obvious reason for teaching first aid in school. Even though most accidents are minor cuts that require cleaning alone, you cannot ignore the fact that students can sustain far worse accidents.

First aid plays an essential role when it comes to serious injuries because the patient can easily bleed out if not attended to. When students are taught first aid, they'll be in a position to stabilize the injured students in case teachers are not close by.

CPR is a significant first aid practice that has saves many lives, and it continues to do so. This is especially true in cases where students almost drowned in a pool. Without training, students will hardly know how to keep their fellow student breathing.

Students can Quickly Respond in Emergency Situations

Students who know the first thing about first aid will not know what to do if someone's life is in danger. First aid teaches students how to quickly respond so that the patient's condition doesn't get worse.

There is usually no guarantee that professional help will arrive immediately because there are factors like traffic that hinder a professional team's fast response. By introducing first aid in schools, students can help teachers contain situations, and there will be much less panic among onlookers.

Schools will be Much Safer

One of the reasons why many parents are opting to homeschool their kids is because public schools could do better when it comes to securing kids. By introducing first aid in the curriculum, schools can ensure that their students are safer.

Students should be trained on how to respond to emergency situations so that they don't end up panicking when they're in the thick of it. As you know, panic and confusion often lead to more injuries.

When students are trained, they will feel much more confident in their ability to help a student in need. Emergency situations will be much more contained because students will know exactly what to do.

Students May Want to Further Their Skills

Learning first aid at school could be the spark that ignites a passion for helping others in students. They might start with first aid and later decide that they want to have a career in medicine or healthcare, or perhaps another field where they can help people. Soon enough they could be on a path that has them asking how are medical schools ranked and how they can choose the best one. Medicine might not be the right career path for everyone, but encouraging children to consider it is always a good idea. There are plenty of options within the field of medicine too, from doctors and surgeons to nurses, lab-based roles, and many more.


There are numerous reasons why first aid should be taught in schools. Learning institutions should seriously think about including it in the curriculum.

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