Your Bed Might Be Causing You Allergies: Here's What You Need to Do

There is nothing better than coming home after a long hard day to your warm, comfortable bed. But if your own bed is causing your allergies, then this will keep you from relaxing or getting the quality sleep you need. Symptoms such as sneezing, a runny or itchy nose, watery eyes, or more extreme symptoms such as swollen lips/eyes and vomiting are all indications of an allergic reaction. Not everyone discovers that they have allergies early on; some people find out by chance after a random allergic reaction. If these symptoms only happen when you are in bed, then it may be the culprit. 

In order to be able to fully relax in your bed, follow the following steps to rid it of any allergens.

Eliminate Dust Mites

The first thing you will need to do is to get rid of any dust mites. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye and can be there regardless of whether you have cleaned or changed your bed sheets or not. They are hard to remove and need aggressive cleaning to get rid of them completely. There are dust-mite-proof beddings that you can purchase to eliminate them once and for all or wash your bedding at a temperature of at least 55 degrees Celsius. You can attempt to clean your mattress at home, but it is best to take it to a dry cleaner.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum your room constantly. Just because you cleaned your bed doesn't mean that the dust mites will disappear forever. If you clean your bed, but not your room, the dust mites will transfer to your bed regardless. Wash your carpets with a carpet cleaner or take it to a dry cleaner, and mop the floors, especially if they are ceramic. Hardwood floors do not collect as much dust as most carpets or other floors. If you want to get rid of your carpets, you can find premier flooring services from top professionals that offer quality work at reasonable rates.

Purchase New Bedding

If you have had your bedding for a while, it may be time to replace it altogether. If there are no nearby bedding stores, then look for an online bedding store that will help you find a suitable set for your bed size and shape. This can be a fun process, as you will get to create a new look for your bed and purchase new, fluffy pillows if your old ones have worn out. This also gives you the chance to transform your bed into a hotel-grade sleeping area, which is usually the most comfortable.

Reorganize Your Room

The more items you have in your room, the more dust mites will be collected. Try decluttering your room, especially if you have a lot of fabric, books, or shelves. If any of the items that collect dust often are removable, then consider putting them elsewhere. If not, then try to clean them as much as possible. Make sure that when you are dusting off the shelves or other areas in your room that you are not merely transferring the dust particles elsewhere. If you dust off a bookshelf above your bed, the dust will simply transfer to your bed. Use a damp cloth instead to be sure the dust sticks to it and wash it in a washing machine after you're done.

Ban Pets from Sleeping the Bed

Although you may love cuddling with your dog or cat, or whichever animal you have as a pet, they may, unfortunately, be the cause of your allergic reactions. Most people who are allergic to a certain animal are, in fact, allergic to the fur rather than the animal itself. Pets shed their hair more often during some seasons or at some points in their life than others. If this is new territory for you, then check whether your pet is shedding extra fur or not. Your bed will attract a lot of pet hair if they cuddle with you there so either avoid having them in your room altogether or shave their fur whenever possible.

Take a look at your entire room before taking any steps, and look for the source of your allergies instead of completely renovating your bedroom. If the culprit happens to be your pet, then keep them out of your bedroom, or at least ban them from sleeping in your bed. If it happens to be a window that is always open, then shut it more often. Buying new bedsheets, covers, and bedding can also help. If you have the budget for it, then consider replacing your old mattress. That way, you will be more excited to wind down and be able to snuggle up and sleep restfully.

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