Why PPE is important across all business sectors 

In the last year, there has been plenty of talk about personal protective equipment (PPE) in the news. It has most commonly been talked about in reference to health and social care, but PPE is used across a wide range of industries to ensure the health and safety of employees.

From taxi drivers to hair salons, construction sites to bakeries, business owners and senior management are more aware of the need to protect their staff from injury, virus and harm while at work.

What is PPE?

Simply put, PPE refers to protective clothing needed to stay safe while working. The term PPE might make you think of gloves, gowns and face masks, but it is actually a catch-all term that covers essential items such as hard hats, steel-toe boots, hair nets, overalls and more.

Each industry has a standard level of PPE required; it is essential you know what you need to run your business. Checking the latest heath and safety advice and regulations for your industry is a good place to start.

Why is PPE important for all business sectors?

Whatever the nature of your business is, there will undoubtedly be potential safety hazards. Having the required PPE and protective clothing for your business is important to keep your employees safe and to avoid compensation claims against your business.

PPE has become even more important for business in the last 12 months. While physical threats to staff are often easy to spot, but employers must now be aware of unseen threats to employee welfare and make every effort to keep staff safe.

How to know if your business needs PPE?

Generally, you will have a decent understanding of the hazards in your industry and the unique hazards posed by your business. It is important you check what PPE your staff require and that you need to have on site, ensuring you stay compliant with regulations.

How to stay compliant with PPE health and safety regulations?

For any business, regardless of its industry, there will be stringent health and safety regulations that are updated regularly. It is important that businesses stay up to date with these regulations and train staff accordingly.

It is also important to keep record of your PPE and health and safety compliance. You can be audited for health and safety, these records will ensure an audit goes well.

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