Why Is Fentanyl So Dangerous?

Fentanyl is becoming an increasing issue, and has been over the last couple of years. The issue is showing no signs of slowing down, but with Fentanyl being such a potent and dangerous drug, it’s important that everyone is correctly informed about the dangers that are connected with it.

There is a severe lack of education when it comes to drugs such as fentanyl, purely because it is legally manufactured and distributed in the US. It’s essential that everyone understands that just because it is sometimes prescribed for very severe pain, that does not mean that it is suitable for use without a medical professional.

However, Fentanyl is also illegally manufactured and distributed due to the fact that it is 50 times more potent than heroin and 100x more potent than morphine. Due to this potency though, it makes Fentanyl that much easier to overdose on, with the minimum lethal dose being as low as 2 mg.

In 2021, Fentanyl was responsible for 67% of the opioid related deaths in the US, which is massive when you think about the fact that heroin, cocaine and mixtures of all sorts of drugs are still out there. A lot of the time dealers will combine other drugs with Fentanyl making it even more dangerous, but it’s never too late to get help from rehab services. Down below you will find an infographic that details information and statistics surrounding the impact of Fentanyl, specifically the overdose and death statistics. Education surrounding this subject is essential, so check it out.

Infographic Designed By rehab services

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